Watch hannity Reaction To Joe Biden Rant


Watch hannity Reaction To Joe Biden Rant, Thursday evening, Fox News host Sean Hannity reacted to 2020 Candidate Joe Biden’s “unhinged rant.” against an Iowa voter.

Now From Sean Hannity:

WOW. Couldn’t believe this. A very agitated Joe Biden 30330 lost it.  He went off on an 83 year old voter, an unhinged rant.

Also He called the guy fat, then denied it. Claimed that he’s a “damn liar.” Belittled this guy. Suggesting that the man had a low IQ and then he challenged him to a push up contest and competition. 


Now So why did Joe Snap? Because this voter dared to politely ask a question about zero experience Hunter, the millions of dollars he’s making sitting on the board of a corrupt Ukranian gas giant Burisma holdings. 

Take a look

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Watch hannity Reaction To Joe Biden Rant.

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