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Watch AOC And Whoopi Goldberg Having A Political Riot Right Now

Watch AOC And Whoopi Goldberg Having A Political Riot Right Now

Watch AOC And Whoopi Goldberg Having A Political Riot Right Now.

“What makes Sen. Sanders so distinct in this field, is that he has been fighting for working families. His platform fights for working families,” AOC said today on the View.

“But he hasn’t just come to this fight. He has been fighting for these issues his entire life.”

“He did this when it was least convenient, he paid the highest political costs, he was fighting for those things before I was even born.” she said before adding the dubious claim that he is “expanding the electorate.”


Also “He wants a political revolution at the ballot box,” AOC said of Sanders.

“The largest plurality of voters consider themselves as not wanting to be a part of this labeling.”

“They don’t feel like there’s a home for them at the Republican Party or Democrat party,” she said.

“That doesn’t mean they’re in the middle, they don’t want to consent to be governed.”


AOC then did what she does so well and lost the plot:

“Our entire political system revolves, frankly, around rich men, and rich men are not the center of my universe. Working families are.”

“We want to talk about health care, we want to talk about a living wage, we want to talk about women’s rights—but he did this when it was least convenient…He was fighting for these things since before I was even born.

“The power of his money is not disconnected from his stances on stop afgnd frisk because when you have that much money and you purchase elections, you no longer have that sense of accountability to the people who voted for you.


Before AOC’s coronation, Whoopi stepped in and gave her a piece of her mind.

 AOC And Whoopi Goldberg Have A Political Riot Right Now

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., attempted to quell “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s concerns about her after Goldberg suggested that the congresswoman disrespected the influence of older Democratic women.

“I was very happy when you were elected because I thought it was a great step … and then you lost me,” Goldberg told Ocasio-Cortez, “because it felt like you were saying to people like me that I was too old and didn’t do enough.”

Ocasio-Cortez quickly jumped in to deny that, but Goldberg continued. “Well, that’s what it sounded like and so that has bothered me because I feel like I love young people .. but you’re on my shoulders.”


“Absolutely,” Ocasio-Cortez responded. Goldberg added: “And we have carried this fight.” She referred specifically to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, both Democrats from California.

To hear an apparent dismissal from Ocasio-Cortez “bothered the hell out of me,” Goldberg said. “And I’ve been very upset about it for a long time.”

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Watch AOC And Whoopi Goldberg Have A Political Riot Right Now


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