See McConnell Downed Schiff On Impeachment Witness 


See McConnell Downed Schiff On Impeachment Witness.

The Democrats are really, really bad at politics.  I mean every single day they show the American people they are not up to the task to lead this great nation.

Take health care – now Obamacare was not by any means perfect but even Trump got the GOP to admit certain parts were good and should be kept.

Specifically, saving protections for pre-existing conditions, ending caps on coverage, keeping kids on their parent’s insurance until 26 and making sure that older Americans, before they hit Medicare age, can still get affordable coverage.


Those things are popular across the aisle and what helped the Dems win the House in 2018 and now they want to rip it all up and start over?

Healthcare is probably their biggest election issue and they just handed it to Trump on a silver platter. Trump is a great politician, one with skills we haven’t seen in generations, but the Dems sure are making it easy on him.

But when it comes to impeachment we can see how truly incompetent they are. They did not bother calling or subpoenaing key witnesses whining that it takes too long in the courts.

They forget of course that during Nixon’s impeachment the courts made quick decisions– I think within 12 days – to hear the tapes.


In short, the Dems arguments for not having witnesses makes this entire thing a sham. Now, some thought Pelosi was trapping the GOP and that they would call the witnesses she refused to do or they would subpoena them.

And then she thought what would happen? Bolton would just show up and blow off executive privilege?

They did and now they just learned how wrong they were – the GOP just came out and said if they even bother to call witnesses they will have the right to fight the subpoena in court and protect executive privilege.

In other words, Pelosi could have started all these court battles months ago and we would probably have a decision by now.


But now expect court challenges to any GOP subpoena which could drag this out another 5 months.

Pelosi’s gamble failed and she needs to pay the price.

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From The Hill:


Republicans are using the threat of a protracted executive privilege battle as a cudgel to dissuade their colleagues from calling former national security adviser John Bolton to testify at President Trump’s impeachment trial.

As the Senate barrels toward a make-or-break moment on witnesses next week, Trump allies and members of leadership are warning that calling Bolton,

or any current or former administration officials, to testify could draw out the impeachment fight for weeks, if not months…

…Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said the fight would force lawmakers to pause the impeachment trial and keep Congress in a “state of limbo” as the court battle plays out.


“Do we want to elongate this thing even further? I don’t believe we should,” Johnson told The Hill.

Sen. Roy Blunt (Mo.), the No. 4 Republican senator, added that Trump “should” invoke the legal protection after the House skipped resolving their own legal fights with the administration before voting on the impeachment articles.

“It will have to go to the courts and absolutely it will be drawn out,” he said.

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See McConnell Downed Schiff On Impeachment Witness.




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