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Why Hunter Biden Won’t Accept Don Trump Jr’s Debate Challenge

Why Hunter Biden Won't Accept Don Trump Jr's Debate Challenge

Why Hunter Biden Won’t Accept Don Trump Jr’s Debate Challenge, Don Trump Jr. has lowered the hammer on Hunter Biden. The POTUS son came out of nowhere and called the young, struggling Biden to a debate.

This must happen-imagine the ratings on television. Trump said the presence of Hunter in Burisma and other jobs will be the main focus of Trump’s re-election campaign and there is nothing that Biden or the media can do to stop it.

According to the Hill, Trump Jr. said he feels “a large part” of the attacks that the former vice president will face later this year will be on his friend Hunter Biden and his overseas business dealings.

Don Trump Jr On Hunter Biden

“Listen, I think it has to be a big part,” he said during “Axios on HBO.” “Before my father got into politics I was an international business person. That is what we have done. I won’t say that I didn’t benefit from my father’s last name, just like Hunter Biden did. I’d be stupid to say so. But I did not benefit from the taxpayer-funded office of my father, Okay?

“Once my father won the presidency we avoided doing any new international business deals. So, what’d be cool, you know? I’ll let you host it,” VandeHei told him. “You organize a conversation between myself and Hunter Biden. Come on. Come on. Let’s do that.”


“No, no, seriously. We should go full transparency,” he continued. “We’re seeing something so we can think about all the places I’m supposed to be wandering around but Hunter isn’t. I’d love to do that.”

“As far as the grifting is concerned, they are saying we are taking advantage of the Presidency. Let’s talk about it,’ added Trump Jr. VandeHei then shifted the focus back to Trump Jr., asking,” But you took advantage, did you not? “I don’t know I’ve taken advantage of the presidency,” said Trump Jr.

“You’ve got a book that bestsells,” continued VandeHei. “You’re making paid speeches. You’re not a co-owner of Trump Hotel?”

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Also Hunter Biden’s baby Mama also saying he should be hold in Contempt for refusing to provide these

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Why Hunter Biden Won’t Accept Don Trump Jr’s Debate Challenge




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