White House Recommends Tennessee close all Bars amid Coronavirus Surge, Governor: NO but i appreciate


(BREAKING WIDE) — White House Recommends Tennessee close all Bars amid Coronavirus Surge, Governor: NO but i appreciate.

Tennessee Department of Health reported 1,718 additional cases of COVID-19 Saturday, along with 26 additional deaths. This makes the past week the state’s deadliest week from the virus, with 126 deaths reported this week. It was also the highest week of new hospitalizations, with 547.

Dr. Birx, a White House adviser who is among the top coronavirus officials in the nation, said Monday that Tennessee should close bars and limit indoor restaurant dining to prevent a looming escalation of the coronavirus outbreak.

Gov. Bill Lee said he had no plans to follow this recommendation. Lee said he would not close bars or limit restaurants or give county mayors the authority to take these actions locally.



The governor maintains authority over the health departments in 89 of Tennessee’s 95 counties. Mayors can close businesses without his support in a few metropolitan areas only.

Governor: NO but i appreciate as White House recommends Tennessee close all bars amid Coronavirus surge.

“Beyond the regions that currently have restrictions, that’s not a plan for us now,” Lee said. “I’ve said from the very beginning of this pandemic that there’s nothing off the table. I’ve also said that we are not going to close the economy back down, and we are not going to. But I appreciate their recommendations and we take them seriously.”

Dr. Birx is one of the most prominent members of the the White House coronavirus task force, often seen flanking President Donald Trump during daily coronavirus briefings held earlier in the pandemic.


Birx made the recommendation on Monday that Tennessee close bars and limit dining — both privately, in meetings with Lee and other officials, and publicly, during a press conference that followed. Similar recommendations were made earlier this month in a White House report that spotlighted Tennessee as a “red zone” for virus growth. Birx has also identified Nashville as an alarming hot spot.

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