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Fisheries Specialist ( Incidental Fishing )

Job advertisement : Aug 23/2023

Publication cancellation date : Sep 6/2023, 9:59:00 PM

Organizational Unit: FLCHI – FAO Representation in Chile

Job type : Temporary work

Requirement Type: PSA ( Personal Service Agreements )

Grade Level: N / A

Main location : Chile-Coquimbo

Duration: 3 months

Position Number: N / A

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FAO seeks to ensure gender, geographic and linguistic diversity among its staff and its international consultants, in order to serve the Member States of the Organization in the best possible way in all regions.

  •  FAO is committed to achieving diversity in its workforce in terms of sex, nationality, origin and culture.
  •  Women, nationals of under-represented or under-represented Member States and persons with disabilities with the necessary qualifications are encouraged to submit their applications.
  •  All persons working for FAO must comply with the highest standards of professional integrity and conduct and uphold FAO’s values.
  •  FAO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, applies a zero tolerance policy for conduct incompatible with its statute, objectives and mandate, in particular sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination.
  •  All selected candidates will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.
  •  All requests will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Organizational framework

The main objective of FAO country offices, headed by an FAO Representative, is to help governments develop policies, programs and projects to achieve food security and reduce hunger and malnutrition, help develop the agricultural, fisheries, forestry sectors and use their environmental and natural resources in a sustainable way.

On December 2, 2020, Mr. M.Sc. Carlos Manuel Rodríguez CEO and President of the Global Environment Facility ( GEF, for its acronym in English ) communicated CEO Endorsement of Full-sized Project, which approves the Project Document “ Strengthening management and governance for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity of global importance in coastal marine ecosystems in Chile ”, which aims to improve the governance of coastal marine spaces, in addition to committing the actors that act on the coastal edge to incorporate management measures and technologies for the sustainability of the fishing resource and improve the effective management of marine protected areas. The executing agencies of the project are the Ministry of the Environment ( MMA ), the Ministry of National Assets ( MBBNN ),the Undersecretariat for Fisheries and Aquaculture ( SUBPESCA ), the Undersecretariat for Regional and Administrative Development ( SUBDERE ), the Undersecretariat for the Armed Forces ( SSFFAA ) and the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service ( SERNAPESCA ), with FAO as the implementing agency. More information about the project is available at: https://gefgobernanza.mma.gob.cl/

Consultants represent an important source of expertise for FAO and make their specialized contributions worldwide to achieve the strategic objectives of the Organization. In order for FAO to attract and employ the best possible experts in the wide range of technical areas of its mandate, a competitive selection process has been introduced. The objective of this process is to create a group of candidates that can be used when their experience is required, guaranteeing a transparent and rigorous selection process.

This vacancy announcement relates to a Manager’s hiring requirement/a for the early development and implementation of a good practice strategy to reduce the impacts of bycatch on the marine-coastal ecosystems of the project’s North Pilot Site, communes of Frerina and La Higuera ( coastal zone ). The Manager must provide that they provide on-site technical assistance for the correct and successful implementation of Product 2.1.1: Pilot coastal communities adopt biodiversity-friendly management practices and technologies, in particular by designing and implementing a good practice strategy to reduce bycatch and discarding in artisanal fishing in the area,

Hierarchical dependency

– Under the general supervision of the FAO Representative in Chile and the National Project Coordinator.

– Under the direct supervision of the Bi-regional Coordinator of the Northern Zone of the Project.

Field of specialization

The professional will be responsible for the development and early execution of a good practice strategy to reduce the impacts of bycatch at the Project’s North Pilot Site. This strategy should be elaborated in conjunction with the multiple regional and local actors ( fishermen and communities, academia, public services, business entities and NGOs ), under the direct supervision of the Bi-Regional Coordinator of the North Pilot Site. Likewise, the Manager must promote the construction of commitments both at the institutional level and at the user level, for the correct adoption and implementation of this strategy, beyond the duration of the GEF Coastal Marine Governance project.

Tasks and responsibilities

  •  Promote close coordination and alignment with project execution activities at the North Pilot Site, under the guidance of the Biregional Coordinator.
  •  Identify the actors related to the problem of Incidental fishing in marine-coastal ecosystems of the North Pilot Site ( La Higuera-Freirina ) communes.
  •  Map of actors regarding interests / influence on problem solving ( implementation of good practices )
  •  Design and execute a program of workshops ( face-to-face and virtual ) to design the strategy of good practices to reduce the impacts of bycatch on the North Pilot Site, with the various identified actors.
  •  Prepare a strategy document of good practices to reduce the impacts of bycatch at the North Pilot Site, where specific actions, profiles, budget and responsibilities are defined, that has sustainability beyond the project.
  •  Design and execute ( community and field awareness campaign ) on the work process and the strategy itself, to the diversity of the public
  •  Deliver a Final Report on the work done.


Minimum requirements

  •  University degree in the areas of marine science, biology, ecology, fishing, natural resource management or management, or related profession, with demonstrable specialization in marine conservation management projects.
  •  At least 3 years of experience in projects associated with impacts of bycatch on marine-coastal ecosystems.
  •  Practical knowledge of Spanish.
  •  Chilean nationality or resident in the country with regular work permit.

FAO core competencies

  •  Results-based approach.
  •  Teamwork.
  •  Effective communication.
  •  Building effective relationships.
  •  Knowledge exchange and continuous improvement.

Technical / functional skills

  •  Demonstrated ability to carry out field work, teamwork and establish good working relationships with public institutions, civil society organizations, private and local communities.
  •  Demonstrated ability to plan, execute projects, and meet goals in a short time.
  •  Demonstrated ability to adapt to projects in progress, abiding by guidelines defined in advance.
  •  Knowledge of an ecosystem approach to fisheries and good productive fishing practices would be desirable.
  •  Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Selection criteria

  •  Work experience in sectoral fishing institutions, academia, or others related to the purpose of the vacancy.
  •  Work experience in projects associated with good production practices ( fishing, aquaculture, marine tourism ).
  •  Knowledge and skill demonstrated in the management and regulations of marine and coastal ecosystems.
  •  Knowledge and experience in participatory planning, relationship with various actors and goal monitoring.
  •  High availability to carry out field work in the towns of the North Pilot Site ( coastal zone of the communes of La Higuera and Freirina, and regional capitals in relation to other actors ).
  •  Ability to prepare administrative and technical reports with high quality standards.
  •  Have residence in the communes of Coquimbo or La Serena, or willingness to move to the area.
  •  Immediate availability.
  •  Demonstrable experience in project development and management, natural resource management, development of management plans and preparation of technical reports in the aforementioned areas.
  •  Demonstrable experience working with coastal communities, public services, academia and private.
  •  Accommodation is available in Coquimbo or La Serena during the execution of the project.
  •  Driving license class ‘ B ’.

It is noted that all candidates should adhere to the Organization’s values of commitment to FAO, respect for all and integrity and transparency.


  •  FAO does not charge fees at any stage of the recruitment process ( application, interview, processing ).
  •  Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. If you need help or have questions, contact: Careers@fao.org
  •  Applications received after the expiration of the application deadline will not be accepted.
  •  We inform you that FAO will only consider academic degrees or credentials obtained from a teaching institution included in the World Database on Higher Education, which is a list maintained by the International Association of Universities ( IAU ) / UNESCO. The list can be consulted at: www.whed.net/
  •  For any other questions visit the FAO website on employment: http://www.fao.org/employment/home/es/.


  •  If you want to apply, go to the FAO Recruitment Website ( Employment in FAO ) and complete your online profile.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. Only applications received through the contracting portal will be considered.
  •  We advise candidates to submit their application sufficiently in advance of the expiration of the term.
  •  If you need help, contact: Careers@fao.org .




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