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Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program

Terms of Reference – Program Manager (Infrastructure and Safeguards)

The Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) provides the implementation arrangements for the combined New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) investment to support the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) to implement its Education Strategic Framework 2016–2030 (ESF) and the National Education Action Plan (NEAP).

The ESSP promotes strengthened sector-wide donor coordination and provides the majority of funding through sector budget support. ESSP provides for targeted capacity development and funding for activities implemented by non-governmental organisations engaged in the provision of education.

ESSP is managed under the Australia-Solomon Islands Program Support (ASIPS) Facility by DT Global.

About the Role

The Program Manager (Infrastructure and Safeguards) will ensure that infrastructure development funded through sector budget support by MFAT and DFAT complies with all Solomon Islands legislative requirements, climate change and disaster preparedness and planning and implementation meets all safeguards requirements. The role will work with as part of the ESSP Program Management Team (PMT) and coordinate with all ESSP partners to achieve best outcomes in infrastructure and asset management and to build the capacity of MEHRD to improve infrastructure planning, management, and implementation.

In addition, the Program Manager will coordinate the work of advisers that assist MEHRD’s corporate functions and responsibilities. These include: Asset Management, Finance, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Procurement, Human Resources, and Safeguards.

Additional assignments may be identified, prioritised, and acted on by the Manager in consultation with the Deputy Secretary – Corporate Services and the ESSP Team Leader.

This position will be remunerated based on the candidate’s skills and experience**.**

Expected results

Under the guidance of the ESSP Team Leader, collaborate with the PMT and in consultation with the MEHRD Deputy Secretary – Corporate Services, the Manager will:

  • Achieve an efficient and effective approach to infrastructure planning and management which meets quality, financial management, climate change, disaster management/preparedness, risk mitigation and safeguards requirements.
  • Improve and streamline infrastructure planning and management policy, procedures, processes, and standards to align with relevant legislation, building standards and SIG requirements.
  • Establish an agreed approach to recording and maintaining education asset data to provide reliable and timely information which supports evidence-based asset management planning.
  • Ensure ESSP support retains a focus on MEHRD institutional, organisational, and individual capacity strengthening.
  • Oversee the work of ESSP team members, in collaboration with MEHRD, to support and build the capacity of selected corporate services of MEHRD.
  • Ensure the Program implements strategies to achieve the intended outcomes of ESSP, including adoption and implementation of safeguards.

Roles and responsibilities

The Manager, as a member of the PMT, will have a balance of roles and responsibilities that will require providing technical inputs for the delivery of the ESSP, that may include:

  1. Leading in the provision of advice, planning, monitoring, and reporting on ESSP supported/facilitated infrastructure development and support in MEHRD corporate services, liaising with stakeholders to address emerging issues and to maximise sustainability of ESSP achievements.
  2. Assisting MEHRD with activity planning to maximise public diplomacy opportunities and to record and report on statistics and beneficiaries impacted by infrastructure and other development projects/activities.
  3. Supporting MERHD to develop an understanding and commitment to annual/multi-year financial, infrastructure, asset management, procurement, human resource planning and develop and maintain a rolling plan of priority projects and activities which can be implemented as funding is identified.
  4. Supporting MEHRD to identify opportunities to improve financial, infrastructure, asset management, procurement and human resource policy, planning, procedures, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation including researching and preparing proposals for addressing barriers to timely progress and completion of projects and activities.
  5. Supporting MEHRD to establish a MEHRD Risk Management Plan and implement a risk management approach to identifying and addressing issues impacting sustainability of education investments, including but not limited to climate change and safeguards issues.
  6. Provide support to ESSP and MEHRD regarding safeguards issues, coordinating access to specialist support where required.
  7. Supporting the Team Leader to performance manage advisers and staff supporting capacity development of MEHRD corporate services by contributing to terms of reference, review of work plans/reports and coordinate the annual Adviser Performance Assessments.
  8. Using culturally appropriate ways of working that are relevant for Solomon Islanders to ensure relationships are built, maintained, and contribute to shared outcomes.
  9. Other duties as required by the ESSP Team Leader.


  • Quarterly and annual reporting: Provide input for the ESSP progress and annual reports including achievements, challenges, and barriers to progressing or achieving activities agreed in the ESSP workplan.
  • Exception reports: as required.
  • Exit report: Submitted to Team Leader at leastone week prior to completion date: This report should provide an assessment of progress and achievements against the terms of reference and the agreed work plan.

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