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Australian Aid to Solomon Islands

Australia has a deep, longstanding, and continuing relationship with Solomon Islands. Australia is an important economic partner and Solomon Islands’ largest development partner, representing two-thirds of all Official Development Assistance. Australia’s assistance is comprehensive including in health, education, infrastructure, scholarships, governance, law and justice, gender equality, disaster preparedness and response, and private sector support.

Australia – Solomon Islands Program Support (ASIPS) Facility

The Australian Government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), has contracted DT Global to establish and manage its multi-sectoral facility, Solomon Islands Program Support (ASIPS). ASIPS is the next phase of Australia’s partnership with Solomon Islands, and will provide logistical, operational and administrative support to Australia’s policy priorities and development program delivery in Solomon Islands.

ASIPS works across the Australian bilateral aid program, as well as provides support to the Australian High Commission administrations in Honiara. The in-country ASIPS Facility Support Unit (FSU) operates in a complex and evolving context, providing operational services to enable DFAT to meet its goals and objectives in Solomon Islands. The range of support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Procurement and contract management of technical assistance in Solomon Islands and remotely, and support to performance management across all sector programs;
  • Provision of support services (including logistics and security management) for Australian Government’s deployees and technical advisers; and
  • Strategic advice, management and reporting, including program management (education), infrastructure technical management, monitoring and evaluation, strategic communications financial management and grant management.
  • The integration of the cross-cutting issues of gender equality, disability and social inclusion, climate change, indigenous participation and localisation throughout program delivery.


This role will responsible for ensuring that key DT Global and Australian Government (DFAT) social and environmental safeguards compliance requirements are properly implemented across the program.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Undertake a review of the appropriateness of ASIPS’ safeguards strategy, policies, and procedures across the facility.
  • Review the compliance with the requirements as set out in DT Global and DFAT safeguard policies and procedures including (but not limited to): Child Protection Policy; Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment; Environmental and Social Safeguard Policy.
    • Support ASIPS address any gaps in compliance and make recommendations for opportunities for improvement.
  1. Lead the development of framework to support ASIPS become a program that demonstrates best practice as it relates to safeguards across the facility.
  • Practical recommendations for full coverage and cost-effective implementation;
  • A coherent reporting framework that can be adopted across the facility;
  • Requirements and reporting obligations for ASIPS subcontractors and delivery partners.
  • Guidance to support subcontractors and delivery partners understand and implement robust and appropriate safeguards measures.
  • Incorporate feedback from stakeholders.
  1. Lead the implementation of the Safeguards Strategy and Framework:
    • Assess, and provide advice and feedback on project safeguard screens to ensure appropriate ratings and risk mitigation strategies are developed.
    • Develop and provide safeguards training and materials (modified as required) to support personnel and downstream partners/contractors.
    • Conduct Safeguarding induction/onboarding to new hires and annual Safeguarding refresher courses for all personnel.
    • Ensure Child Protection and PSEAH reporting mechanisms are in place that meet DFAT’s Child protection and PSEAH reporting requirements and timeframes.
    • Act as the focal point for receiving safeguarding complaints, including child protection and PSEAH related allegations/suspicions, drafting an incident notification, and sharing with ASIPS Facility Director and relevant DT Global Safeguards Team.
    • Support and assist with the coordination of any subsequent investigation launched following a notification/report or case being lodged.
    • Design and support safeguarding audits.
  2. Other tasks:
    • Technical advice on safeguards issues during activity design and implementation stages, including drafting of terms of reference, identification of safeguards specific deliverables within contracts, and the review of deliverables and regular reporting on activity progress and performance.
    • Develop the capacity of ASIPS staff with the objective of capacitating local staff to Coordinator level and ensure training plans are developed and implemented accordingly.

Key Deliverables

  • Work plan – Develop a work plan in consultation with the ASIPS Facility Director and DT Global Safeguards team of the expected output and outcomes.
  • Prepare draft Environmental and Social Management Framework for review and approval.
  • Capacity Development and Sustainability Plan – Identify issues to be addressed and the proposed approach to capacity building and systems strengthening, including resource requirements to address constraints within the facility.
  • Succession Plan – Subject to ASIPS Facility Director’s approval, develop and implement a succession plan for potential local candidates to assume the Safeguards Coordinator (or higher) role commencing in 2026.
  • Other ad-hoc reports.

Expected Outcomes

These outputs will result in the following outcome: sustainable safeguards strengthening strategies are prepared and short-term interventions implemented.

  • Capacity development strategy and plan prepared, and short-term capacity development activities implemented.
  • Targeted safeguards support delivered.

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