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Professional in monitoring and evaluation

Job advertisement : Aug 17/2023

Publication cancellation date : Nov 17, 2023, 10:59:00 PM

Organizational Unit: FAO Colombia

Job type : Temporary work

Requirement Type: NPP ( National Project Personnel )

Grade Level: N / A

Main location : Colombia

Duration: 2 months, renewable

Position Number: N / A

FAO seeks to ensure gender, geographic and linguistic diversity among its staff and its international consultants, in order to serve the Member States of the Organization in the best possible way in all regions.

  •  FAO is committed to achieving diversity in its workforce in terms of sex, nationality, origin and culture.
  •  Women, nationals of under-represented or under-represented Member States and persons with disabilities with the necessary qualifications are encouraged to submit their applications.
  •  All persons working for FAO must comply with the highest standards of professional integrity and conduct and uphold FAO’s values.
  •  FAO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, applies a zero tolerance policy for conduct incompatible with its statute, objectives and mandate, in particular sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination.
  •  All selected candidates will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.
  •  All requests will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Organizational framework

FAO provides support in specialized technical cooperation processes to entities of the National and territorial Government in the field of human right to food, sustainable rural development, rural poverty and sustainable management of natural resources, generating capacities at the community, organizational and institutional levels through the formulation and application of policies; generation, administration, access, and exchange of information and knowledge; as well as with the promotion and participation in networks, alliances and associations; that promote the management of programs and projects, all aimed at the eradication of hunger, the end of poverty and the reduction of inequalities.

The purpose of this call is to respond to the demands of personnel, for the execution of the different programs and projects, and to provide the FAO Office Colombia with a list of candidates/as with qualified profiles in the area of monitoring and evaluation.

Hierarchical dependency

The incumbent will be under the general supervision of the FAO Representative in Colombia, the program officer and will work closely with the coordinator/a and the technical team of the project.

Field of specialization

The monitoring and evaluation professional is responsible for leading monitoring and monitoring, ensuring compliance with the different goals, generating the early alerts that are required for the punctual fulfillment of the goals.

Tasks and responsibilities

  •  Support the design and implementation of the monitoring, monitoring and evaluation plan of the assigned project, taking as a minimum basis the following elements.
  •  Monitor compliance with the results and impact indicators, maintaining coherence and viability with the logical framework, the operational plan, the corresponding project goals.
  •  Support the systematization and processing of the information produced by the corresponding project.
  •  Process the necessary information to feed the indicators proposed in the framework of the project assigned to it.
  •  Define the methodology for capturing information from the field and its inclusion in the information system of the Representation.
  •  Define the mechanisms for generating early warning of arrears and proposed solutions to said arrears.
  •  Support the application of the tools and instruments necessary for the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation plan of the project assigned to it.
  •  Monitor the collection of project information by the technical teams, which is defined in the corresponding project monitoring and evaluation plan.
  •  Analyze the information designed for each of the results and products to be achieved by the projects assigned to it ( baseline, progress evaluation survey, etc ).
  •  Socialize the project monitoring, monitoring and evaluation plan, with the corresponding project team.
  •  In accordance with the FAO monthly report format, present the progress of the project based on the defined indicators.
  •  Monitor progress reports to be delivered on time by technical teams and review that they respond to defined indicators.
  •  Review and analyze the monitoring reports, related to compliance with the activities carried out by the technical team of the project assigned to it.
  •  Follow up monthly to ensure compliance with the activities planned in the operational plan.
  •  Support the technical teams in the correct and punctual development of the project monitoring and evaluation plan.
  •  Feed the information system of the Representation monthly, in order to systematically and continuously monitor the activities carried out, as well as the products and results of the different results of the project.
  •  Identify and generate the respective alerts on the possible limitations and difficulties that may arise in meeting the goals, which allow for timely action and corrective action in activities.
  •  Support the final structuring and filtering of the information generated by the project in the formats and applications that are necessary.
  •  Support the preparation of progress reports to resource partners, as well as the corresponding semi-annual and final reports.
  •  Support the updating of the project assigned to it, in accordance with the procedure defined by the operations committee for this purpose.
  •  Promote the generation and dissemination of good gender practices in accordance with FAO’s gender equality policy.
  •  Keep absolute reservation in relation to all the information you handle during the activities of the program process in which you provide your services and of the entity in general, that it be disclosed to you on the occasion of this contract.
  •  The contractor must take care of the information to which he has access, avoiding its destruction or improper use. Likewise, it is not allowed to give access or display files, documents or files to unauthorized persons.
  •  Support the evaluation of the project, through the presentation of updated information and the generation of inputs for it.
  •  Actively participate in the meetings of the representation monitoring group.
  •  Participate and serve as technical secretary of the follow-up meetings of the project assigned to it, ensuring the correct fulfillment of the commitments established in the meeting.
  •  Provide the required information on the progress status of the project, which will be presented in the different committees.
  •  Digitally archive and according to the instructions in the program area, the means of verification produced by the project.
  •  Support the systematization of lessons learned and good practices of the project.
  •  Make follow-up visits to the territories where the corresponding project is implemented, to review its progress and performance.
  •  The other actions inherent to his position, assigned by his supervisor, that are related to the nature of the position.


Minimum requirements

  •  Professional with training in areas of knowledge of: systems engineering; environmental engineering, industrial engineering; agro-industrial engineering; agricultural sciences; economics, administration or related careers.
  •  Minimum 4 years of experience in the design and administration of project monitoring and monitoring systems.
  •  Spanish domain ( C level ) spoken and written.
  •  Colombian nationality.

FAO core competencies

  •  Results-based approach
  •  Teamwork
  •  Communication
  •  Building effective relationships
  •  Knowledge exchange and continuous improvement

Technical / functional skills

  •  Sensitivity to work with ethnic and peasant organizations and communities, territorial authorities, among others.
  •  Availability to move to different places than your workplace.
  •  Good working relationships with State personnel and entities, as well as understanding the nature of the Public Server.
  •  High experience of teamwork with multidisciplinary and multicultural groups.
  •  Management skills for articulation with regional, local and national actors, of public and private order.
  •  Teamwork ability, good interpersonal relationships and assertive communication skills.
  •  Basic handling of computer tools.
  •  Ability to work as a team and establish networks and alliances.
  •  Leadership, initiative, creativity, responsibility and flexibility.
  •  Ability to act at all times with extreme discretion regarding United Nations documents, information and materials.
  •  Permanente actitud y comportamiento de cordialidad, compostura, respeto y colaboración con todas las personas y organizaciones con quien interactúa.
  •  Cordialidad, compostura, respeto y colaboración con todas las personas y organizaciones con quienes interactúa FAO.

Criterios de selección

  •  Experiencia de mínimo de un año en el manejo de bases de datos.
  •  Experiencia de mínimo un año en redacción y presentación de informes de monitoreo.
  •  Experiencia laboral certificada.
  •  Manejo de Excel intermedio – avanzado


  •  La FAO no cobra tasas en ninguna etapa del proceso de contratación (solicitud, entrevista, tramitación).
  •  Las solicitudes incompletas no se tendrán en cuenta. Si necesita ayuda o tiene dudas, contacte con: [email protected]
  •  Applications received after the expiration of the application deadline will not be accepted.
  •  We inform you that FAO will only consider academic degrees or credentials obtained from a teaching institution included in the World Database on Higher Education, which is a list maintained by the International Association of Universities ( IAU ) / UNESCO. The list can be consulted at:
  •  For any other questions visit the FAO website on employment: .

It is noted that all candidates should adhere to the Organization’s values of commitment to FAO, respect for all and integrity and transparency.


  •  If you want to apply, go to the FAO Recruitment Website ( Employment in FAO ) and complete your online profile.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. Only applications received through the contracting portal will be considered.
  •  We advise candidates to submit their application sufficiently in advance of the expiration of the term.
  •  If you need help, contact: [email protected].




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