President Trump Confronts Global Special Interests


(BREAKING WIDE) President Trump Confronts Global Special Interests.

Donald Trump said during his Presidential rally in Michigan that he is standing up to the global special interests who got rich bleeding America dry.

President Trump revealed that confronting the global special interests has its consequence, Trump said the corruption establishment now hates him because he doesn’t answer to them but to the American people.

“The corrupt establishment hates me because I don’t answer to them but to you the people,” Trump said.


Trump also said he fought for Muchigan over the the last four years like no one ever has.


When I originally became your all time favorite President, the Great State of Michigan was hemorrhaging car companies and jobs. Plants were closing and moving to Mexico, and other places. No new plants for decades. I stopped the moves, & now many plants are and have been built. The place was a mess and would have lost much more business if I hadn’t come along. Many new plants are starting. Foreign countries and companies now treat the USA, and Michigan, with respect. Big jobs plans. Please remember this when you go to cast your very important vote! Trump said.

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