Hillary Clinton Is Still Very Much A Prison Candidate


Hillary Clinton Is Still Very Much A Prison Candidate,

However notwithstanding distractions from the Democrats-pushed Trump impeachment plan, Hillary Clinton is still a prison candidate, Federal judge assures Americans and possible jail time is still on.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal may be a fading memory for most, but it remains a live, legal morass for at least 14 attorneys who piled into a federal judge’s courtroom in Washington on Thursday for the latest round in the never-say-die saga.

Lamberth didn’t immediately rule on that request, but repeatedly expressed concern with a continuing drip of Hillary’s messages, several years after her presidential campaign was rocked by the disclosure that, she exclusively used a private email account and server during her tenure as secretary of State.


Hillary Clinton

“The reason we’re here is because Athe State Department wasn’t truthful from the beginning about Secretary Hillary’s email use,” Judicial Watch attorney Ramona Cotca said.

“Everyone we’ve deposed in this case knew about Secretary Clinton’s email use before this case was filed.

Judicial Watch’s lawyers have expressed hope that the case before Lamberth might lead to a quarry that Hillary’s opponents have sought for years about 30,000 emails her lawyers ordered deleted after concluding that they were personal in nature.


The group is seeking to depose two current or former State technology officials, as well as a private contractor who worked on Clinton’s server, Paul Combetta.

Attorney Beth Wilkinson said Mills could respond to written questions about Hillary Clinton but has already sat for a deposition, focused on the emails in another Judicial Watch suit and was questioned about the Benghazi issue for nine hours by a House committee in 2015.

“The reason we’re here is because the State Department wasn’t truthful from the beginning about Secretary Hillary’s email use”, the Federal Judge said.

“That is simply and demonstrably not true,” Pezzi said, listing five employees who didn’t know about Hillary’s account until “well after the fact”.


Some didn’t know until reports about Clinton’s private server appeared in the media, he added.

But the Federal Court seems certain that Hillary Clinton will answer to her crimes eventually.

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Hillary Clinton Is Still Very Much A Prison Candidate.



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