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Watch AOC makes embarrassing live-streaming gaffe

Watch AOC makes embarrassing live-streaming gaffe

Watch AOC makes embarrassing live-streaming gaffe,

Oh boy, well AOC has finally settled the debate of whether she’s just pretending to be stupid or actually stupid. Here’s what she did:

Yeah. Did you catch it? She said she was just reading about a famous economist named “Milton Keynes.” Yes. Good’ol Milton. Keynes.


Now listen, most people don’t know economists, I get that. And that’s OK. But this is a congress-moron. And this is a congress-moron who supposedly has a degree in economics. So how in the h-e-double-hockeysticks is it possible for this troglodyte to get a degree in economics and not know that John Maynard Keynes is a wholly separate person from Milton Friedman?! HOW?!?!


And the thing she’s not even attempting to pretend that she knows who either of these very very important economists are! She FULLY admits that she was JUST reading about “Milton Keynes” a few days ago! Just what the heck was she doing that whole time she was supposed to be studying economics??!

Now that is embarrassing.

Just imagine if a similarly situated Republican made such a gaffe, it would be plastered all over the place! Amazing. And somehow they want to put this dimwit in charge of our entire lives. And honestly, it could happen. The Democratic party is so weak right now and the commies are storming the gate so quickly that it’s scaring even Chris Matthews and James Carville!

Also there’s this:

I can’t even comment on that one without getting into trouble. I’ll let you guys handle that one in the comments section…


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Watch AOC makes embarrassing live-streaming gaffe


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