Urabá Finance and Administration Coordinator ( Apartado, Turbo, Necoclí ) – Prof. in areas of economic sciences. NGO Exp At Medical Teams International

Objective of the Role:

The Coordinator ( a ) of Finance and Administration is responsible for the proper functioning of the financial and administrative area of the offices of the region to which it corresponds, as well as implementing all acquisitions and financial transactions of the regional office of Medical Teams, this includes participating in audits and budget design, reviewing transactions and preparing invoices , support in financial reporting, this position is responsible for providing support and guidance to country office staff in financial and administrative tasks, including property management, security protocols, and any administrative support.

It will be supervised by the National Finance Manager, and will work closely with collaborators and finance coordinators in the offices of Medical Teams International in Colombia.

The ( a ) Finance and Administration Coordinator plays an important role in ensuring that the Medical Teams office adheres to Medical Teams International policies in Colombia and standard operating acquisitions.


Finance and accounting

  • Order payments for regional office operations, in accordance with the authorization matrix and leave them ready on the bank portal for final approval, reviewing that all transactions are duly supported in accordance with the agreed financial procedures and verifying that the corresponding tax or contribution deductions are made in accordance with local regulations.
  • Permanently update financial transaction records in relevant Unit-4 and Helisa software with transaction details and send it for approval.
  • Guarantee compliance and adherence of all local office personnel, internal control policies and financial procedures of Medical Teams International in Colombia.
  • Systematically monitor the payments made by Caja Menor of the offices under its responsibility, ensuring that they are documentary supported; make periodic arches of the Caja Menor, leaving written record of any finding or anomaly found.
  • Produce comparative financial reports with budget and facilitate monitoring of the resources allocated to each city in direct support to program management.
  • In accordance with the local policy and procedure for filing financial documents, ensure that all documents are archived virtual
  • of the documentation that supports each transaction. A copy of each transaction must be archived virtually on the Teams channel, a copy of each transaction will be attached at the time of recording the transaction in the Unit-4 software.
  • Prepare the requests for monthly funds ( FTR ) from the office and region in charge, in accordance with the directive in this regard and using the format provided for this purpose.
  • Ensure that the documentation is complete and that the administrative and financial procedures are correctly complied with in relation to the issuance of payments, review and authorization of PRs. PO, Logistics ProPacks Checklist; following all the standards and protocols of the Medical Teams Field Operations Manual.
  • Provide the information of the office necessary to prepare the financial budgets of the operations of each office under its responsibility.
  • Contribute by presenting documentation that is necessary in the internal and external audit processes.
  • Review and approve the billing for services, coupons and purchases in general received during the month
  • Report to program management on account reconciliation ( including cash ), make arches of smaller boxes and office boxes and ensure that advance legalizations are made in a timely manner.
  • Monthly provide the information in accordance with the instructions of the financial management, for the payment of withholding at the source and taxes charged to Medical Teams Colombia.
  • Track withdrawals to make cash payments, from the time of withdrawal, to the time of payment ( Maximum one day ). Ensure that cash sums are left in the safe.


  • Coordinate with program management, administration and good implementation of general services of the region’s offices, in accordance with SOPs of property administration, human resources, seeking well-being and safety for all staff in each office.,
  • Coordinate with the Operations Support Management and with the Finance Management when necessary, the services contracted on behalf of Medical Teams International in Colombia, including those related to property management, notarial records, etc.
  • Together with the Finance management, guarantee the adherence of the procedures on conservation and asset assurance of Medical Teams International in Colombia, including rental and lease agreements and payments and together with finance assistants ensure that the contract and purchase monitoring file is properly updated.
  • Provide support to logistics personnel so that transactions for purchases of goods and services are made in accordance with controls, gather the required supporting documentation and generally comply with internal control policies.
  • In coordination with the logistics assistant, coordinate travel logistics for visitors and staff to project areas, including security conditions.
  • Together with the security coordinator, support the process of adopting biosecurity measures and protection of the offices in charge.
  • Monitor and supervise the tasks of general service personnel and interns in the process of completing their practical stage. who have been assigned to office assistant tasks.

Security and protection

  • Support program management, together with the security coordinator, to periodically review the security and protection policies of Medical Teams International in Colombia, and that the changes that arise from said review are properly implemented, including OPS, travel and vehicle policies.
  • Review that documentary validations of driver declaration and checklist of rented vehicles for the transport of people are being carried out on behalf of Medical Teams International – Colombia.
  • Coordinate the development of office security protocols, including biosecurity in relation to covid-19.
  • Guarantee the protection of program participants and employees by promoting an environment of conscience and defending the provisions of the Medical Teams Protection code of conduct against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, protection of Vulnerable Children and Adults, and workplace policies free of harassment. Holders will remain alert and responsive to any risk of child and adult protection, acquire relevant knowledge and skills that will enable them to promote sound protection practices, understand the policy and procedures for the protection of children and adults, and behave consistently with Protection
  • Together with the program manager, make sure that all security incidents or abuse of previous policies are reported through established systems.

Other duties:

  • Lean on volunteer staff whenever possible.
  • Additional duties assigned


  • Professional in the area of economic sciences with an emphasis on accounting and finance.

Previous requirement:

  • Accounting Technician or Technologist with a minimum experience of 2 years


  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience is required in the corresponding field: finance / accounting, business management.
  • The experience of working with international NGOs is an additional advantage.
  • Experience in compliance with international donor standards and standards.
  • Experience in Colombian tax systems and financial management software systems.
  • The experience of working in a bilingual work environment ( English / Spanish ) is an advantage.


  • Financial transaction log processes in software packages. ( Preferably in Helisa )
  • Physical and virtual document archiving process


  • Preferably English Intermediate ( Non-exclusive ).
  • Financial management software management, as well as Microsoft 365 ( Teams, Excel and Outlook )
  • Ease of providing training to other members of the Medical Teams team in Colombia in relation to processes and compliance with controls and procedures.


  • Organizational capacity and task planning to meet obligations and commitments within specified periods.
  • Ability to work as a team and willingness to resolve conflicts through dialogue
  • Proactive and purposeful person in the development of their tasks.
  • Active and empathetic listening skills in relation to other team members within the organization.
  • Orientation for carrying out detailed activities.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of the information you handle subject to the data privacy policy.
  • Willingness to foster an atmosphere of trust and integrity within the organization.
  • Provision to adhere to internal policies related to PSEA, conflict of interest and code of conduct of work of Medical Teams International in Colombia.
  • Good technical writing skills.
  • Ability to delegate tasks responsibly and specifically to generate commitment around the adherence of all people to institutional policies, the protocols of Medical Teams International in Colombia ( PSEA, DEI, Code of Conduct ) and ethical standards for humanitarian aid and institutions.

How to apply

Interested parties who meet the requirements described in this job description can apply ( CV AND Essential cover letter ) via email using the following address, recruitmentco@medicalteams.org before September 21, 2023, it is essential to indicate in the matter the position, city to which you apply and the source where you heard of the call.

Medical Teams does not discriminate in their selection processes, however, it recommends that people with living experience in the migration process, as well as from different backgrounds, apply for this position, If they have the corresponding legal documentation to work in our country, it is also an essential added value that the candidate is at least fluent in the Spanish language and an added value in the English language.

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