Technical Expert on Cooling and Cold-Chain (*RE-ADVERTISEMENT), Paris, France At United Nations Environment Programme

Closing date: Saturday, 15 July 2023
Result of Service• A cold-chain equipment procurement plan is prepared (in consultation with ACES expert partners) and will be utilised to equip the SPOKE in rural Rwanda for operation. • A cold-chain equipment supply chain gap analysis and development plan is prepared for Rwanda. • PSC and ACES NTAC have the knowledge to guiding project strategic direction and key deliverables, respectively. • Capacity building activities for officials are conducted.

Work LocationRemote

Expected duration7 months (Part-time)

Duties andResponsibilities

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is accelerating the global transition to energy efficiency and climate-friendly cooling. Getting the right solutions in place for refrigeration and space conditioning (cooling) is essential for improving the quality of life and health of people without undue impacts on the planet. United for Efficiency (U4E) is a global initiative launched in 2015 to help developing and emerging markets quickly and comprehensively transition to energy-efficient and climate-friendly lighting, space conditioning (cooling), refrigeration (equipment and comprehensive cold chains), electric motors and transformers (see The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is enabling further progress with a readiness project titled, ‘’Rwanda Cooling Initiative: Enabling Deployment of Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly Cooling and Cold Chain’’. The project aims to help the country leapfrog to energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions by enhancing the capacities of stakeholders (particularly national officials with regulatory oversight, equipment vendors and technicians, small shareholder farmers, and agribusinesses) for pursuing strategic priorities, developing an implementation framework for new policies, developing strategies for attracting investment and enhancing knowledge with consumers and other stakeholders. A technical expert on cold-chain and cooling solutions is needed to support the ongoing activities to establish a Specialized Outreach and Knowledge Establishment (SPOKE) in a rural Rwandan community to showcase sustainable and resilient cooling and cold-chain solutions under the Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-Chain (ACES). ACES is a first-of-kind Centre dedicated to accelerate the uptake of sustainable cooling and cold-chain solutions in Africa’s agriculture and health sectors, improving livelihoods, health, food and nutritional security of rural communities, thereby bringing environmental, social and economic development. Working with the international ACES team, the consultant will support (i) the technology selection and procurement plan for demonstration equipment and (ii) the development of a market technology gap analysis for technology roll-out in market. The consultant will also provide technical support, inter alia, to the consultative processes of the governing bodies, design and provide training for interagency officials. Core details 1.1 In coordination with the ACES project team, support the following: A. Procurement Plan • Prepare a Technology Selection and Procurement Plan with the local consultant, associated paperwork, background research, interactions with stakeholders as assigned for an integrated set of cold chain technologies at the SPOKE. • Assess the competencies of local companies to meet the technical specifications so as to build a robust network and develop a gap analysis to developing the supply chain. • Provide the finalized Procurement Plan confirmed by UNEP (in consultation with project partners) as ready for use in the procurement. • Ensure that technology requirements are incorporated into the ACES training programme. B. Coordination and Training • Provide technical advice to the Project Board / Steering Committee and ACES National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) to support policy and strategic considerations as required; • Work with the local consultant to convene, facilitate and report onthe 3 meetings of the NTAC on the agriculture and vaccine cold chain and provide technical expertise. Support and advise to the PSC and NTAC in fulfilling their mandate according to their respective ToRs; • Develop an in-market technology and supply chain roadmap and conduct a gap analysis. Design curriculum to provide a training for ~40 interagency officials on leveraging strengths of each organization to develop the supply-chain based on the needs identified; • Organize a training for ACES NTAC on cold chain supply chain build-out.

Qualifications/special skillsUniversity degree (Bachelors or equivalent) in Engineering (electrical, mechanical, industrial, or similar), electricity or in a relevant scientific or technical discipline. Master’s degree is an advantage. 10 or more years of experience in the field of commercial refrigeration and cold chain systems and their design, operations and maintenance. Experience in performing training and providing capacity building and development of teaching material. Experience of working with a range of refrigerants (i.e. HFCs, HCs, R744, A2L refrigerants); and the associated training certificates/qualifications. Thorough understanding of cold-chains from a systems perspective (not simply cold storage but including refrigerated transport, pre-cooling, data logging, etc). Be able to understand and analyse relevant technical documents such as electrical schemes, fluid schemes, piping diagrams, psychometric diagrams, etc. Demonstrate excellent working knowledge of national and international refrigeration safety requirements and standards (e.g. ISO, IEC or EN if appropriate). Have electrical and controls experience (preferably with supporting qualification) to be able to identify and rectify electrical and control issues. Preferable • Experience in policy recommendations on energy efficiency and environmental friendly strategies, tools, systems and measurements in line with international best practices. • Knowledge and experience in working with the government and private sector internationally. • Experience working in the sub-Saharan African region is a strong asset. Skills/abilities/competencies: • Skills for timeliness and quality development of report and documents as well as written and oral presentation. • Capable of working to tight deadlines whilst maintaining a high standard of work. • Excellent interpersonal, networking and communication skills. • Ability to work alone or collaboratively with colleagues/teams and train others with varied levels of skills in refrigeration. • Strong analytical skills and ability to use and operate Microsoft Office suite. • Have a proven record of building strong relationships with customers and colleagues. • Fluency in spoken and written English is required.

LanguagesFluency in spoken and written English is required.



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