Specialist, Payment for Results, Geneva At The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria

Specialist, Payment for Results – GL D – Defined Duration until December 2025 – Spanish and French desirable.

Reporting to the Advisor, Value for Money, Health Finance and working closely with Manager, Blended and Health Finance, the Specialist, Payment for Results (PfR), will drive successful delivery of the Health Finance and Blended Finance strategic approach, with the focus on PfR, of the Health Finance Department, in close collaboration with, Head of Health Finance, Grant Management, Private Sector and Technical teams (e.g. Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH), Disease Teams, Community, Rights and Gender (CRG), etc.), Risk team, as well as Portfolio Support, and Sustainability, Transition and Co-financing (STC) within the Health Finance Department. Under the new Global Fund strategy 2023-2028 there is even stronger focus on the accelerating impact through the lens of Value for Money (VfM) and to improve sustainability of investments through enhanced country ownership and alignment with local systems. In addition, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean Department (AELAC) adopted a new funding approach for focused portfolio which will promote the use of PfR as a grant disbursement mechanism as part of the next funding cycle Health Finance Department of the Global Fund is leading on increasing more money for health and more health for money, by using innovative approaches like PfR to achieve the objectives of the Global Fund Strategy. The Specialist, will drive the PfR technical agenda in alignment with Global Fund and external partner programmatic priorities and macroeconomic realities. They will coordinate and support the identification, prioritization and development of potential opportunities, and overseeing the design, quality assurance and implementation of the projects related to PfR. In this process, they will support the Advisor, Value for Money, Health Finance, in enhancing volume, quality, strategic focus and Value for Money (reduced transaction cost) of PfR projects. They will drive the Payment for Results/Results Based Financing agenda of the GF in the context of Blended Finance and work closely with Grant Management Division (GMD) and external partners to realize the PfR potential. Working under the supervision of the Advisor, Value for Money, Health Finance and working closely with Manager, Blended and Health Finance and with other stakeholders in the Health Finance Department, the Specialist, Payment for Results coordinates and provides technical support and advice to specific Global Fund country teams/countries, and other Secretariat departments / teams in order to strengthen domestic financing, sustainability, and value for money of Global Fund supported programs. The Specialist, Payment for Results plays a key role in the implementation of the health financing, VfM, and STC aspects of the 2023-2028 Global Fund strategy as well as the Global Fund’s co-financing approaches (including supporting country teams to develop, negotiate, track and monitor co-financing and domestic commitments), and serves as a focal point within the Health Finance Department for specific Grant Management regional teams to maintain strong cross-departmental coordination With an ability to resolve complex issues, they will develop blended solutions to ill-defined problems with unclear or insufficient information. They will be expected to maintain high standards of professionalism, while contributing to strengthening collaboration and effective communication between health and blended finance stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

Working closely with the the Advisor, Value for Money, Health Finance and working closely with Manager, Blended and Health Finance, Grant Management, Private Sector and Technical teams (e.g. RSSH, Disease Teams, CRG, Risk etc.) as well as the Portfolio Support and STC Team, the Specialist, Payment for Results will be responsible for:

  •  Appling hands-on experience and deep technical knowledge to shape with internal and external stakeholders PfR projects, especially in core and focused portfolios
  •  Delivering the tasks assigned to the Health Finance Department in the Operational Policy Note (OPN) on PfR
  •  Supporting the Partnership agenda of the Health Finance department;
  •  Working closely with the Health Finance Risk Specialist to ensure alignment with IRM
  •  Helping the implementing of a defined regional priorities for technical support for country teams in collaboration with the Grant Management Division (including Regional Managers, Department Heads, Fund Portfolio Managers, and Country Teams and relevant specialists); as one of the primary technical stakeholders within the Health Finance Department for a specific regional portfolio in AELAC
  •  Serving as a key Health Finance focal point for specific Global Fund regional teams, including maintaining strong coordination with other Health Finance stakeholders on behalf of regional teams, linking regional teams to resources available within the Health Finance Department, and strengthening linkages with other teams working on comparable thematic areas (i.e. CRG, RSSH, Technical Advice and Partnerships Department (TAP), Finance, etc.)
  •  Providing high-quality technical support and advice to regional and country teams, including on specific Health Finance and STC technical areas relevant for the individual region (i.e. Health economics, sustainability & transition, costing/efficiency analysis, budget structures, innovative financing tools, with focus on PfR, social contracting, health taxes, intervention verification, insurance schemes incl. risk pooling & user fees, debt swaps, resource tracking, fiscal decentralization, etc.)
  •  Collaborating closely with other teams in Health Finance Department, and with specific focal points from other SIID technical teams to provide high quality and streamlined support for Global Fund country teams and countries
  •  Providing technical support for co-financing processes and technical support for the development of Global Fund grants in a specific regional portfolio, including supporting country dialogue, review of Funding Requests, grant-making, grant-approval processes and other aspects of Global Fund grants linked to Health Finance, STC, and Value for Money. Where relevant, takes a lead role in completing relevant documentation for grant approval processes linked to STC / Health Financing, including Secretariat Briefing Notes (SBNs), Grant Approval Committee (GAC) approval documents, etc.
  •  Leading on development of a streamlined approach and continuously updated framework to PfR/ Results-Based Financing (RBF), with a focus on innovative finance but linked to provider contracting and mainstreaming of PfR in the Global Fund (TGF) grants, as well as informing the current and future TGF strategy and grant assessment framework of future grant cycles
  •  Advising on the appropriate payment mechanisms for PfR projects;
  •  Assessing value for money of the PfR projects in close collaboration with Senior Specialist Value for Money
  •  Providing and coordinates technical assistance on PfR projects and their design, working through and closely with the Health Finance Specialists in the Health Finance Department and Country Teams
  •  Inputting into the technical design and quality assurance of the development and implementation of evaluations of the PfR projects
  •  Leading on synthesizing and communicating PfR messages across the Secretariat
  •  Working with stakeholders to identify opportunities for PfR projects/programs
  •  Working with stakeholders to ensure Health Finance engagement through Idea, Concept, Design, and Approval stages of PfR project development
  •  Providing and coordinates technical assistance needed for PfR projects as needed
  •  Anticipating risks to project approval, proactively develops plans to mitigate these risks, and works to clear roadblocks to execution
  •  Conducting routine monitoring of the PfR projects to inform improvements to processes, policies, and ways of working
  •  Leading the analysis, presentation, and interpretation of complex information to technical and non-technical stakeholders whilst maintaining the integrity and substance of the subject
  •  Coordinating timely input from specific teams to provide the required information/data in order to develop reports/committee papers required on blended finance for Management Executive Committee (MEC) and governance bodies, in collaboration with the Strategic Advice and Project Management Office (PMO)

Subject to change by the Executive Director at any time at their sole discretion.



  •  Advanced university (MSc equivalent) degree in economics, finance, development or other relevant discipline


  •  PhD in development economics or related discipline with strong applied focus



  •  Deep knowledge of development financing architecture and approaches (e.g. outcome/results based financing, development impact bonds; debt swaps)
  •  Hands on experience with International Finance Institutions on resource mobilization for health using blended finance tools
  •  Understanding of the Global Fund business model, or grant management models more broadly
  •  Experience working in an advisory capacity and have developed credibility and trust with leaders whilst taking ownership for delivery of key reports, findings, and initiatives
  •  Strong evidence of successfully leading projects which highlight their project management skills and capabilities
  •  The ability to flexibly and effectively adapt between operational implementation and strategic thinking
  •  Ability to manage multiple complex stakeholders and multiple reporting lines with flexibility, resilience and well-developed emotional intelligence
  •  Business development experience including valuing returns on investment
  •  Experience working within multi-cultural & international environments/organizations


  •  Will have held positions of incremental responsibility and will have 4-6 years post graduate working experience
  •  Working/Living within developing countries supported by the Global Fund
  •  Over 2 years of people management experience


Languages: An excellent knowledge of English and preferably a good working knowledge of French and Spanish. Knowledge of other languages would be an asset.

Organizational Competencies:

  •  Global Fund awareness and mind-set – Level 2
  •  Service orientation – Level 2
  •  Drive for results – Level 2
  •  Collaboration – Level 2
  •  Interaction – Level 2
  •  Adaptability – Level 2

Functional Competencies:

  •  Project Management – Expert
  •  Strengthening Systems for Health – Mastery
  •  Business – Expert
  •  Analytical – Expert
  •  Finance – Mastery
  •  Due diligence – Mastery

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