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Schiff And Nadler’s Stunt Backfires As Senate Close To Demiss Charges Against Trump

Schiff And Nadler's Stunt Backfires

Schiff And Nadler’s Stunt Backfires As Senate Close To Demiss Charges Against Trump,

Rand Paul says the GOP is close and getting closer to just telling the Democrats to go pound sad and dismiss the Articles of Impeachment outright.

It would be a humiliating slap in the face for House Democrats but after Jerry Nadler’s performance, it is to be expected.

Nadler enraged the only people he could not and it will come back to haunt him. Paul says he has 45 votes for outright dismissal and is getting closer every time the Dems open their mouths to convincing the holdouts.


“There are 45, with about five to eight wanting to hear a little more,” Paul told The Washington Post.

“I still would like to dismiss it, but there aren’t the votes to do it just yet.”

“I will push it at some point,” Paul said. “The more Adam Schiff speaks, the more we become unified.”

Earlier today both Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski said they were insulted by Jerry Nadler’s comments with Collins even complaining to Judge Roberts.


“He’s a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind,” Paul of Bolton’s possible testimony.

“It’s unknown. Some people who have talked to him think he has an ax to grind, that he’s angry he was publicly fired by the president.”

“But he also has a history of believing in unlimited powers for the president. Which is the guiding light for John Bolton at this point?”

“Axe to grind and books to sell? Or, be a player and say ‘even if I’m gone, he’s doing what I want on Iran and other things?’ ”


Schiff And Nadler’s Stunt Backfires

Rand Paul said earlier:

“What I keep trying to convince my colleagues, particularly the ones that might vote to allow the witnesses that the Democrats want to call, is that if they do that and they don’t vote to allow the president to bring his witnesses in, I think the Republican base and Trump supporters are going to be very very unhappy with them.

I think it will have electoral consequences, which is sort of my way of saying that maybe they should reconsider having any witnesses at all,” he said.

“My hope is some will reconsider and we will just be done with one vote.”


“If they end up approving witnesses like Bolton, who I think are harmful, I will insist on a motion that says the president should get to call all witnesses that he or his team deem to be necessary to his defense.”

“I don’t want to limit it, I’m not his lawyer, I don’t want to tell him who he has to call, I’m just going to say anyone. ‘Anyone’ includes people he has mentioned, like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.”

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Schiff And Nadler’s Stunt Backfires As Senate Close To Demiss Charges Against Trump.




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