Professional specialized in Geogr \ xe1fica Information Systems for Interoperability, Bogota, Colombia At Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO )


Professional specialized in Geographic Information Systems for Interoperability

Job advertisement : May 05, 2023

Publication cancellation date : May 19, 2023, 9:59:00 PM

Organizational Unit: FAO Partnership and Liaison Office in Colombia

Job type : Temporary work

Requirement Type: NPP ( National Project Personnel )

Grade Level: N / A

Main location : Colombia-Bogota

Duration: 3 months trial period, renewable

Position Number: N / A

FAO seeks to ensure gender, geographic and linguistic diversity among its staff and its international consultants, in order to serve the Member States of the Organization in the best possible way in all regions.

  •  FAO is committed to achieving diversity in its workforce in terms of sex, nationality, origin and culture.
  •  Women, nationals of under-represented or under-represented Member States and persons with disabilities with the necessary qualifications are encouraged to submit their applications.
  •  All people who work for FAO are held to the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct and uphold FAO’s values.
  •  FAO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, has a policy of zero tolerance for conduct inconsistent with its statute, objectives and mandate, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination.
  •  All successful candidates will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.
  •  All requests will be treated in the strictest confidence.

organizational framework

FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which leads the international effort for a world free from hunger and malnutrition in which food and agriculture contribute to improving the living standards of all its inhabitants. , especially the poorest, in a sustainable way from the economic, social and environmental point of view. We work to contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and its global goals by promoting sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems to achieve better production, nutrition, environment and life.

The vacancy is located in Bogotá with trips to the project’s areas of action. The position belongs to the area of Natural Resources and Governance.

hierarchical dependency

Under the general supervision of the FAO Representative in Colombia, the Program Officer, the technical supervision of the senior specialist in natural resources and governance and the direct supervision of the national project coordinator.

Field of specialization

The Professional specialized in Geographic Information Systems for Interoperability is responsible for leading the GIS component for the forest strategy, complying with FAO standards.

Tasks and responsibilities

  •  Contribute to the development of activity 1.1 of the project related to the “Strengthening of national monitoring of existing forests and early warning reports in deforestation areas” defined in the framework of product 1: “Strengthening of national and local capacities to monitoring and control” of the project.
  •  Work in coordination with IDEAM’s Ecosystems and Environmental Information Subdirectorate or whoever is delegated by IDEAM from this unit.
  •  Prepare the complete work plan, including the detailed methodology to be applied and the schedule of activities to be carried out.
  •  Carry out the analysis, completeness and consolidation of the databases of the assigned administrative records of the National Forest Information System ( SNIF ), which contributes to the strengthening of the existing national monitoring of forests of reports and analysis of deforestation ( modules of forest exploitation, forest confiscation, forest mobilization, restoration/protective planting and fires of vegetation cover ), through the following activities:
  •  Carry out the consultation and download of geographic information in the information sources related to the assigned administrative records of the National Forest Information System ( SNIF ), Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA ), National Administrative Department of Statistics ( DANE ), National Federation of Wood Industry ( Fedemaderas ), National Natural Parks ( PNN ), Amazon Institute for Scientific Research ( SINCHI ), Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute ( IAvH ), Institute of Marine and Coastal Research José Benito Vives de Andréis ( Invemar ) and other sources of data related to SNIF topics,on the cut-off dates agreed with the Ecosystems and Environmental Information sub-directorate of IDEAM,and prioritizing that related to the project implementation area ( Colombian Amazon ).
  •  Review of the quality and status of the information from the geographic databases obtained from the SNIF and other sources of information for the modules on fires of vegetation cover, forest confiscations, restoration/protective plantations, and the module on forest use, to based on the procedures established for this purpose.
  •  Debugging and adjustment of the geographic databases obtained from the SNIF and other sources of information for the modules on fires of vegetation cover, forest confiscations and restoration / plantations, and the module on forest use.
  •  Carry out analysis with the refined information for the specific areas of project implementation: Amazon biome and Forest Development Nuclei (NDF), such as Bajo Cagúan, Solano, Mapiripán, and others that are defined jointly with MinAmbiente.
  •  Validate and structure the database (alphanumeric and geographic) based on the diagnosis of the information reported in the assigned modules of the SNIF and the entities that generate data from the forestry sector and work in coordination with the SNIF Thematic professionals.
  •  Load the geographic information of the SNIF in the Ideam viewer, following the guidelines of the Environmental Information System (SIA) group.
  •  Review and validate geographic information using images from remote sensors.
  •  Support the management of information with the sources that generate the records for the assigned modules of the SNIF and the environmental authorities in accordance with Decree 1655 of 2017. For this management, calls must be made, use of institutional mail to officiate collection requests of the information.
  •  Generation of cartographic outputs for forestry bulletins prepared from the information reported in the SNIF, with main emphasis on the project implementation areas.
  •  Support for the preparation of acceptance tests and monitoring of the evolutionary improvements of the SNIF from the thematic, in relation to incidents, deployments and interoperability processes, depending on the needs that arise within the framework of the project. Note: This activity depends on what is done by the sub-directorate of ecosystems, with the IDEAM systems area for the evolutionary improvement of the SNIF.
  •  Support for the preparation of timely responses to requirements and letters that are given within the framework of the SNIF, as well as preparing the requested presentations according to the needs of the project.
  •  Prepare a proposal for a methodological route for the operation of the interoperability of the SNIF systems, the Forest and Carbon Monitoring System ( SMByC ) and the IFN National Forest Inventory, and carry out tests in this regard considering the information collected for the project implementation areas .
  •  Visit the provider entities and sources of information in the area of influence of the project to strengthen the registry, training, validation of the information and develop field activities in accordance with the guidelines given by the coordination of the Forests group of the Subdirectorate of Ecosystems and Environmental Information from IDEAM.
  •  Develop field activities when necessary for the fulfillment of their activities and prepare a technical report of each of the outputs according to the needs of the project.
  •  Comply with the rules and procedures of the Integrated Management System, established by the Institute.
  •  Deliver digitally and on a removable drive, the products of this contract, as well as the reports of results, in the formats and Drive folders provided by the coordination and supervision of the contract.
  •  Participate in work meetings, courses, presentations, and other socialization, training, or capacity transfer events to which they are designated, including the gender approach for monitoring project activities.
  •  Carry out its activities, in accordance with the parameters and guidelines established by FAO.
  •  The owner must consult, study and appropriate the protocol for reporting cases of sexual exploitation and abuse of communities and report immediately, in accordance with it, the cases that are known to them. FAO Colombia has zero tolerance for any practice of sexual exploitation and abuse.
  •  Promote the generation and dissemination of good practices in gender matters in accordance with the FAO gender equality policy.
  •  Write, document and present reports on the results of the execution of the planned activities.
  •  Any other work related to the topic in charge that is required by the coordination of the project, which is related to the nature of the position.
  •  Facilitate the documentation and systematization of strategic experiences of FAO.
  •  Promptly fill out the position delivery certificate at the time of withdrawal from the organization and in case of exercising supervisory functions, follow up on the correct delivery of the position of the personnel in charge.


Minimum requirements

  •  Professional in forestry, cadastral, environmental engineering, geography, biology desirable specialization in Geographic Information Systems and/or Geomatics.
  •  More than five (5) years of experience in interpreting images produced by remote sensors.
  •  Minimum two (2) years of experience in geographic databases.
  •  Practical knowledge of Spanish (level C) spoken and written.
  •  Colombian nationality.

FAO Core Competencies

  •  Results-based approach
  •  Teamwork
  •  Communication
  •  Building Effective Relationships
  •  Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement

Technical / functional skills

  •  Solid knowledge of Colombian public institutions related to the environmental sector.
  •  Wide domain of geospatial analysis tools ( QGIS, ArcGIS ) and database analysis tools ( R, Python, SQL, Oracle Data base, among others ).
  •  Mastery of Microsoft Office applications ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. )
  •  Exceptional analytical and quantitative skills.
  •  Ability to prepare concise reports in accordance with United Nations standards.
  •  Experience working with multidisciplinary and multicultural groups.
  •  Management skills for articulation with regional, local and national actors, public and private.
  •  Ability to work in a team, good interpersonal relationships and assertive communication skills.
  •  Ability to work in a team and establish networks and alliances.
  •  Leadership, initiative, creativity, responsibility and flexibility.
  •  Recognized capacity for the elaboration and development of work plans.
  •  Ability to act at all times with extreme discretion regarding the documents, information and materials of the United Nations.
  •  Permanent attitude and behavior of cordiality, composition, respect and collaboration with all the people and organizations with whom he interacts.


  •  FAO does not charge fees at any stage of the recruitment process ( application, interview, processing ).
  •  Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you need help or have questions, please contact:
  •  Applications received after the application submission deadline has expired will not be accepted.
  •  We inform you that FAO will only consider degrees or academic credentials obtained at an educational institution included in the World Database on Higher Education, which is a list maintained by the International Association of Universities (IAU)/UNESCO. The list can be consulted at:
  •  For all other questions visit the FAO employment website: .

It is noted that all candidates should adhere to the Organization’s values ​​of commitment to FAO, respect for all, and integrity and transparency.


  •  If you would like to apply, go to the FAO recruitment website ( Jobs at FAO) and complete your online profile.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only applications received through the recruitment portal will be considered.
  •  We advise candidates to apply well in advance of the deadline.
  •  If you need help, contact:



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