PIROI-Logistician – responsible for ( e ) supply and stocks At French Red Cross

Context :

The French Red Cross has been developing since 2000 a regional Disaster Risk Management program ( GRC ) from the “Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform” ( PIROI: http://piroi.croix-rouge.fr) based on Reunion Island. In close coordination with the international components of the Red Cross and the National Companies of the Indian Ocean ( SNOI ) members of the PIROI ( Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, France – Réunion / Mayotte, Mozambique, Tanzania ), it aims to reduce the impact of natural and health disasters and the effects of climate change on people in the southwest Indian Ocean area.

To achieve this, the strategic framework includes the following three strategic objectives :

  • « Promote the integration of risk management for natural and health disasters within the national policies of the countries of the southwest Indian Ocean, in a context of climate change. » This involves mobilizing actors in disaster risk management, in order to promote coordination of strategies and actions. This involves advocacy, developing partnerships and networking.
  • « Strengthen the resilience of people in the southwest Indian Ocean to the risks of natural and health disasters and the consequences of climate change. » It is essential to work at the community level in order to prepare the population, the first actress in disaster response. The implementation of this objective results in disaster risk reduction programs at the community level, which include awareness-raising and educational actions.
  • « Respond effectively to natural and health disasters by relying on suitable human and material resources. » This involves continuing and amplifying disaster preparedness activities in partnership with the national companies that are members of the platform. These actions range from developing contingency plans to training human resources and pre-positioning relief equipment.

To these three objectives is added a transversal objective: « Strengthening the capacities of actors in the southwest area of the Indian Ocean by setting up a regional center of expertise, training and innovation dedicated to risk management and climate change, the PIROI Center ». Indeed, the PIROI, wishing to capitalize on its 25 years of experience, is creating a center of expertise, resources, training and innovation dedicated to risk management and adaptation to climate change in the area. This job creation is part of this dynamic.

Placed ( e ) under the responsibility of the logistics coordinator, the role of the supply and stock manager is to contribute to the management of regional contingency stocks, PIROI national and local ) for the OI zone and for this contributes to the accomplishment of all the tasks described below.

He / she complies with the guidelines of the French Red Cross and collaborates with the partners of the PIROI for the implementation of the activities.

General description of the position :

The general objective of the position is to ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain in a constant approach to optimizing quality, costs and deadlines.

Placed under the responsibility of the logistics coordinator, he / she must :

  • Objective 1 : Organize and optimize the management of international transport
  • Objective 2 : Ensure the management of contingency stocks
  • Objective 3 : Ensure the management of storage sites
  • Objective 4 : Provide logistical support to all CRf programs in the ( Development, Emergency, Post-emergency area ) as well as to the National Companies members of PIROI

Description of tasks / Responsibilities :

Objective 1: Organize and optimize the management of international transport

  • Plan, supervise and ensure effective monitoring of national and international transport operations of stocks ( Import / Export, mobilization table, transport vectors )
  • Ensure the optimization of transport and its adequacy with the nature of the goods, the allocated budget and the urgency of the situation
  • Organize international transport and good coordination of the different parties between suppliers, freight forwarders and recipients
  • Ensure good conditions for transporting goods until delivery ( packaging, securing )
  • Ensure compliance of transport documents ( transport letter, packing list, donation certificate, delivery note, customs clearance )
  • Organize and ensure the ( physical and digital archiving ) of supply files and transport monitoring tools according to procedures

Objective 2: Ensure inventory management of mutual contingency of the PIROI

  • Ensure the correct application of CRf ( MOPI logistics procedures – Manual of International Operations ) and other procedures in force ( less, customs )
  • Analyze the business context for contingency stocks and, if necessary, meet suppliers
  • Place orders to replenish contingency stocks via the pre-identified suppliers of the CRf / PIROI in order to maintain optimal operational capacities
  • Supervise the movements of stocks in compliance with ( CRf procedures and National partner companies )
  • Control the updating of stock monitoring tools and supervise the movements of stocks ( ERP, stock reports, warehouse plans )
  • Administer the inventory tracking software, ensure that the bugs are reassembled, follow up on maintenance and updates as well as the E-Learning tool dedicated to software training
  • Update the material accounts of customs warehouses on the basis of transport documents
  • Ensure optimization and compliance with good inventory management practices ( quality control, peremptions, good storage conditions )
  • Consolidate and analyze the inventory reports of the area’s stocks
  • Consolidate and ensure the valuation of donations, losses and destruction on all of the IOPP programs
  • Check the operating condition of the specialized equipment stored ( Water treatment unit, Radios, etc. )

Objective 3: Ensure the management of regional, national and local ( stock storage sites

  • Supervise the current maintenance activities of warehouses located outside Reunion ( arrangement, repairs, rat extermination, updating of the safety register )
  • Ensure the safety of people in the warehouse, compliance of fire extinguishers, rolling equipment and electrical circuits, doors
  • Diagnose work needs and potential electrical risks (, fires … ), write specifications for the competition and ensure the reception of corrective measures with the logisticians of the National Companies of the zone

Objective 4: Provide logistical support to all CRf programs in the area as well as to National Companies members of the IOPP

  • Participate in the regional logistics strategy in connection with the PIROI strategy
  • Monitor the implementation of logistics activities in the region in connection with the logistics managers of National Companies in the ( area, in particular activities related to contingency warehouses in projects logistics disaster preparedness delegates … )
  • Participate in coordination meetings and monitoring of projects ( Update of project monitoring tools )
  • Contribute to the mobilization of logistical resources during emergency operations in accordance with DROP ( Operational Response System PIROI )
  • Perform ad hoc support missions ( inventory, training, simulation exercise or emergency operation ) in the activity areas of the PIROI program
  • Provide the necessary support / advice to PIROI teams and / or National Companies in the area such as feasibility and implementation of deployments, definition of needs related to the organization of simulation exercises, inventory procedures, use of software, support for writing a procurement table, terms of reference…
  • Write logistics activity reports, monthly and / or annual reports
  • Prepare logistics files for reporting and audits

Hierarchical links :

  • Under the responsibility of the logistics coordinator ( N + 1 )
  • Supervises a person in their service ( N-1 )

Functional links :

  • Works in close collaboration with the various operational services and PIROI supports
  • Works in close cooperation with the National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies of the Region and other actors of the CR / CR Movement ( IFRC, ICRC )

Skills and knowledge required

  • Master of the International Transport Organization
  • Control of Incoterms and European and third customs procedures
  • Good aptitude for oral and written communication in French and English
  • Mastery of the essential Pack Office and Google Workspace
  • Permit B essential
  • Appreciated skills in IT and inventory management software ( ERP, QR Code )
  • Skills assessed in pedagogy, as well as in direct and functional management

Position requirements

  • Rigorous ( se ), flexible and organized ( e )
  • Listening to needs and context
  • Autonomy and proactive ( ve ) in action proposals
  • Ability to represent the institution and cope with various pressures
  • Geographic mobility ( trips in the program area )
  • Appetences for the technicality of stored equipment ( water treatment unit, generators … )
  • Very good relational capacities ( teamwork, negotiation ), including intercultural ( know how to be )

Training and Experiences

  • Bac + 3 type training in logistics or Bioforce with proven professional experience in a position related to warehouse management and international transport
  • Certificate of aptitude for driving a lifting device greater than 2.5m ( CACES )
  • Desired experience in a humanitarian and / or emergency operations context
  • Desired experience in the International Red Cross Movement

Conditions and remuneration

  • 39h weekly ( work evenings and weekends recovered )
  • Monthly gross monthly remuneration : according to collective agreement,

+ End of year premium of 1 / 12th of basic gross remuneration

+ Mutual supported up to 50% by the employer

How to apply

Send your applications ( motivation letter + CV ) to


Application deadline : October 10, 2023

PIROI reserves the right to close recruitment before the deadline for submitting applications

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