New Candidate Application Process in the UN Inspira from 2021 New Candidate Application Process in the United Nations Inspira

See below the changes you may notice when applying for a position effective from the 27th of September 2021.

Changes are as follows: A resume-style profile with job-specific/personal information (~4 pages) will replace the Personal History Profile (~11 pages). This creates a more concise approach to showcase relevant experience. A “Motivational Statement” will replace the cover letter This helps applicants explain how a new job aligns with overall career goals, how elements of personal character and experience support success in a UN position, and ends duplication between the current cover letter and the content of the application.

Work experience descriptions will reduce from 5,000 to 1,000 characters Applicants get the opportunity to showcase their suitability by succinctly summarising their main contributions in past roles. These short entries complement the candidate responses to the job fit questionnaire. More concise descriptions help streamline the experience of hiring managers during screenings.

More targeted inclusion of training, publications, licenses, and certificates

Applicants can demonstrate that they have the expertise required for the job without bogging down the application with irrelevant information.

An option to include non-supervisor references, such as former supervisees Allows hiring managers to learn more about applicant’s managerial skills. Even if you are not actively applying for jobs now, we strongly advise all inspira applicants (especially if you plan to use a formerly submitted or draft application to apply to a new position) to:

• start reducing your work experience “description of duties” to 1,000 characters, and

• prepare a motivational statement.

Remember, this should be done well before a job opening deadline to ensure that you have enough time to meet the new requirements.

Please note: If you have submitted an application, there is no change and your application is currently in process. If you currently have an application in draft status, there is also no change, and you can submit as usual before the job closing deadline.

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