Missionary professional specialized in analysis in geographic information systems, Bogota, Colombia At Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO )


Missionary professional specialized in analysis in geographic information systems

Job advertisement : Jun 16, 2023

Publication cancellation date : Jun 30, 2023, 9:59:00 PM

Organizational Unit: FAO Partnership and Liaison Office in Colombia

Job type : Temporary work

Requirement Type: NPP ( National Project Personnel )

Grade Level: N / A

Main location : Colombia-Bogota

Duration: 3 months trial period, renewable

Position Number: N / A

FAO seeks to ensure gender, geographic and linguistic diversity among its staff and its international consultants, in order to serve the Member States of the Organization in the best possible way in all regions.

  •  FAO is committed to achieving diversity in its workforce in terms of sex, nationality, origin and culture.
  •  Women, nationals of under-represented or under-represented Member States and persons with disabilities with the necessary qualifications are encouraged to submit their applications.
  •  All persons working for FAO must comply with the highest standards of professional integrity and conduct and uphold FAO’s values.
  •  FAO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, applies a zero tolerance policy for conduct incompatible with its statute, objectives and mandate, in particular sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination.
  •  All selected candidates will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.
  •  All requests will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Organizational framework

FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, leading the international effort for a world free of hunger and malnutrition in which food and agriculture contribute to improving the living standards of all its inhabitants, especially the poorest, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. We work to contribute to the fulfillment of Agenda 2030 and its global goals by promoting sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems to achieve production, nutrition, an environment and a better life.

The vacancy is located in Bogotá with trips to the project’s areas of action. The position belongs to the area of natural resources and forest governance.

Hierarchical dependency

Under the general supervision of the FAO Representative in Colombia, the National Program Officer and the project coordinator, the/the missionary professional specialized in the analysis of geographic information systems will have the following responsibilities: Field of specialization

The missionary professional specialized in the analysis of geographic information systems will be responsible for leading all fields of technical expertise for GIS analysis.

Tasks and responsibilities

  •  Contribute to the development of Activity 1.3 “ Support the application of rural environmental cadastres as a measure to monitor deforestation at the farm level ”, defined within the framework of the product “ Strengthening of national and local capacities for monitoring and control ” of the project
  •  Work in coordination with the IDEAM Ecosystem and Environmental Information Branch or with whom IDEAM is delegated from this unit.
  •  Prepare a detailed work plan and schedule of activities for the development of contract activities, agreed with IDEAM.
  •  Generate the methodological and conceptual guidelines that allow the implementation of rural environmental cadastres as a measure to monitor deforestation at the farm level, especially in the project implementation areas.
  •  Develop and document analyzes related to rural environmental cadastres as a measure to monitor deforestation at the farm level.
  •  Generate and update with additional information available the spatial databases ( geographic ) diagnostic result, compilation and analysis of information available for the implementation of rural environmental cadastres as a measure to monitor deforestation at the farm level, especially in the project implementation areas.
  •  Generate, structure and feed the spatial database resulting from the implementation of rural environmental cadastres as a measure to monitor deforestation at the farm level, especially in the project implementation areas.
  •  Generate the metadata corresponding to the final space products, generated under the IDEAM standard and with an emphasis on the project implementation areas.
  •  Carry out the process of structuring, standardization and organization of the final inputs collected during the spatial analyzes, and of the intermediate and final products generated in the framework of the consultancy, for disposal on the assigned server, in accordance with IDEAM standards.
  •  Carry out other activities that arise related to the component, such as reports, reports and graphic outputs, following the guidelines of IDEAM and FAO.
  •  Support the generation of technical or scientific inputs aimed at generating publications or other material to disseminate the results of the work of the technical team, following the guidelines of the IDEAM and the communications strategy of the GCF-Visión Amazonia project, complying with the FAO communication manuals.
  •  Participate in work meetings, courses, presentations, and other socialization, training, or capacity transfer events to which you are designated by IDEAM or the project, including the gender approach for monitoring project activities.
  •  Make periodic backup copies of the information in accordance with the specifications defined by IDEAM.
  •  Ensure the integrity and security of the information manipulated in the exercise of its activities.
  •  Support the planning and implementation of workshops and other socialization, training, collection or exchange of information events, designated by IDEAM in development of the project.
  •  Carry out its activities, in accordance with the parameters and guidelines established by FAO.
  •  Consultar, estudiar y apropiar el PROTOCOLO PARA EL REPORTE DE CASOS DE EXPLOTACIÓN Y ABUSO SEXUAL DE COMUNIDADES (entregado por Gestión Humana) y reportar de forma inmediata, conforme al mismo, los casos que sean de su conocimiento. FAO Colombia tiene cero tolerancias a cualquier práctica de explotación y abuso sexual.
  •  Promover la generación y difusión de buenas prácticas en materia de género de acuerdo con la política de igualdad de género de la FAO.
  •  Redactar, documentar y presentar informes de resultados de ejecución de las actividades planificadas.
  •  Cualquier otra labor relacionada con la temática a cargo que fuese requerida por la coordinación del proyecto, que sea afín con la naturaleza del cargo.
  •  Facilitar la documentación y sistematización de experiencias estratégicas de la FAO.
  •  Diligenciar oportunamente al momento de retiro de la organización el acta de entrega de cargo y en caso de ejercer funciones de supervisión realizar seguimiento a la correcta entrega del cargo del personal a cargo.


Requisitos mínimos

  •  Profesional en ingeniería catastral, ingeniería topográfica, geógrafo, biólogo, ecólogo o carreras afines, con posgrado en sistemas de información geográfica y/o relacionados con medio ambiente y desarrollo.
  •  Experiencia mínima comprobable de cinco (5) años en labores de levantamiento y estructuración de información espacial, cartografía automatizada, manejo de herramientas SIG y/o herramientas de gestión de metadatos.
  •  Minimum specific experience of four ( 4 ) years related to: geographic information analysis, mapping, database management, digital image processing, scenario modeling, data processing for coverage studies, preparation of base and / or thematic mapping.
  •  Practical knowledge of Spanish ( C level ) spoken and written.
  •  Colombian nationality.

FAO core competencies

  •  Results-based approach
  •  Teamwork
  •  Communication
  •  Building effective relationships
  •  Knowledge exchange and continuous improvement

Technical / functional skills

  •  Ability to prepare concise reports according to United Nations standards.
  •  Experience in environmental projects, community monitoring and / or cadastre issues
  •  Work experience with multidisciplinary and multicultural groups.
  •  Management skills for articulation with regional, local and national actors, of public and private order.
  •  Teamwork ability, good interpersonal relationships and assertive communication skills.
  •  Ability to work as a team and establish networks and alliances.
  •  Leadership, initiative, creativity, responsibility and flexibility.
  •  Recognized capacity for the preparation and development of work plans.
  •  Ability to act at all times with extreme discretion regarding United Nations documents, information and materials.
  •  Permanent attitude and behavior of cordiality, composure, respect and collaboration with all the people and organizations with whom it interacts.


  •  FAO does not charge fees at any stage of the recruitment process ( application, interview, processing ).
  •  Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. If you need help or have questions, contact: Careers@fao.org
  •  Applications received after the expiration of the application deadline will not be accepted.
  •  We inform you that FAO will only consider academic degrees or credentials obtained from a teaching institution included in the World Database on Higher Education, which is a list maintained by the International Association of Universities ( IAU ) / UNESCO. The list can be consulted at: www.whed.net/
  •  For any other questions visit the FAO website on employment: http://www.fao.org/employment/home/es/ .

It is noted that all candidates should adhere to the Organization’s values of commitment to FAO, respect for all and integrity and transparency.


  •  If you want to apply, go to the FAO Recruitment Website ( Employment in FAO ) and complete your online profile.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. Only applications received through the contracting portal will be considered.
  •  We advise candidates to submit their application sufficiently in advance of the expiration of the term.
  •  If you need help, contact: Careers@fao.org.




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