Joe Biden Sparks New Firestorm With BBB Question


(BREAKING WIDE) – Joe Biden Sparks New Firestorm With BBB Question.

Following his demolition in the first Presidential debate and declining an in person participation in the second as scheduled despite Trump being cleared, Joe Biden sparks new firestorm on Twitter with a question about his campaign slogan building back better(BBB). Joe Biden ask in a tweet Saturday: What does building back better(BBB) mean for you?

– Millions of new, good-paying jobs
– A $15 federal minimum wage
– Stronger benefits and fair workplaces
– An economy that works for everyone—not just the wealthy
– The choice to join a union. That’s the future we can build together.


Joe Biden’s question didn’t quite elicit the response he had expected, instead it was followed with massive grilling of which some accused him of plagiarizing yet again.

One Twitter user responded by tweeting: It means you plagiarized, yet again, what Boris Johnson used in his campaign. It means you don’t have an original thought. Thus, I don’t trust you to tell the truth about anything!

Another responded calling it the dumbest slogan ever and accused him of plagiarizing Johnson Boris campaign slogan: Dumbest slogan ever. Also, what’s up with this? 

Some question his math on his numerous jobs creation strategy and increasing taxes for the wealthy as well.

Dominique Crawford tweet: If you raise the minimum wage to $15 how will millions of jobs be created? And you said you are raising taxes on the wealthy? please tell me how that’s going to work? 


Others spring concern on his reluctance on answering to the question if he’s going to pack the court or not


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