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International UN Youth Volunteers in Indonesia are entitled to:

– Monthly Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) at the amount of USD 1998.3

– Annual and learning leaves;

– Entry lump sum USD 4000

– Exit allowance (paid on successful completion of the assignment)

$225 for each month served, paid on completion of contract

– Free Medical and life insurance;

– Family allowance

$250 per month for one dependent. $450 per month for two or more dependents

– Free access to different learning platforms

Mission and objectives

Established in 1944, the World Bank Group (WBG) is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for development solutions. In fiscal year 2018, the WBG committed $67 billion in loans, grants, equity investments and guarantees to its members and private businesses, of which $24 billion was concessional finance to its poorest members. It is governed by 188-member countries and delivers services out of 120 offices with nearly 15,000 staff located globally. The WBG consists of five specialized institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. It uses financial resources and extensive experience to help our client countries reduce poverty, increase economic growth, and improve quality of life.


The largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia – a diverse archipelago nation of more than 300 ethnic groups – has charted impressive economic growth since overcoming the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. Today, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation, the world’s 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, and a member of the G-20. Furthermore, Indonesia has made enormous gains in poverty reduction, cutting the poverty rate by more than half since 1999, to 9.5% in 2022. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, Indonesia was able to maintain consistent economic growth, recently qualifying the country to reach upper middle-income status. Indonesia’s economic planning follows a 20-year development plan, spanning from 2005 to 2025. It is segmented into 5-year medium-term plans, called the RPJMN (Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Nasional) each with different development priorities. The current medium-term development plan – the last phase of the long-term plan – runs from 2020 to 2024. It aims to further strengthen Indonesia’s economy by improving the country’s human capital and competitiveness in the global market.

Task description

The Junior Analyst (JA) will support the delivery of an effective financial and private sector development program in Indonesia, by providing ongoing support to monitoring program outputs and outcomes, drafting donor reports and progress reports, providing technical analysis, preparing briefings and background notes, and drafting high quality presentations.

The candidate will primarily focus on analytical and operational support to delivery of an Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation (FCI) work program on financial sector and private sector development in Indonesia and Timor-Leste. At the request for the manager, the candidate may provide cross-support to FCI teams in the broader East Asia Pacific (EAP) region.

The JA will thus gain exposure to both World Bank lending operations and World Bank advisory services and analytics (ASAs) projects. An additional focus will be on supporting the monitoring, reporting, and effective delivery of the trust fund programs in Indonesia and Timor-Leste managed by FCI.

Under the direct supervision of the FCI Country Team Coordinators (CTCs) for Indonesia and Timor Leste the UN Volunteer will undertake tasks to support the mandate of the unit and in parallel gain experience in World Bank operations and analytics. An illustrative list of tasks is as follows, with specific duties to be refined based on the profile and interests of the selected candidate and emerging needs of the team:

• Assist the CTCs in updating the status of on-going work program activities by supporting the organization of the team’s bi-weekly meetings and maintaining an action matrix of agreed activities.

• Support the effective delivery of the Indonesia Financial Sector Support Program (IFSSP), by providing ongoing support to monitoring program outputs and outcomes, drafting donor reports and progress reports, preparing briefings and background notes, and drafting high quality presentations.

• Support the effective delivery of the Indonesia Investment and Competitiveness Program (ICP), by providing ongoing support to monitoring program outputs and outcomes, drafting donor reports and progress reports, preparing briefings and background notes, and drafting high quality presentations.

• Support the preparation of a Concept Note and Proposal of an extension and future phase of the IFSSP and ICP programs, focusing on financial sector and private sector development in Indonesia respectively

• Contribute to the preparation and implementation of FCI lending operations in Indonesia, including as a task team member for select Loan operations.

• Coordinate the knowledge management function of the FCI Indonesia and Timor Leste team, by producing knowledge briefs, newsletter updates, summaries, and blogs highlighting key achievements of the FCI EAP work program in Indonesia and Timor Leste.

• Coordinate portfolio management of the FCI Indonesia country team, by preparing regular reports on the Indonesia and Timor Leste portfolio for donors and management, and monthly budget reports on lending and technical assistance projects to track ongoing spending for the team.

• Support the team in preparing PowerPoint presentations for internal and external stakeholders on strategically relevant topics.

• Develop templates for presentations, briefing notes, and progress updates on financial sector and private sector issues.

• Manage a variety of written products and communications, including components of major reports, as well as other technical working papers for wider circulation. These may be delivered as stand-alone or as inputs to larger World Bank Group products such as flagship publications, other regional studies, country reports and sector strategies.

• Support in editing and review of outputs from the FCI Indonesia financial sector and private team, working closely with the Prosperity Indonesia and Timor Leste team members to ensure quality, impact, and coordination across tasks.

• Assist other financial sector and private sector on-going work (including data collection and analysis, drafting technical notes and presentations) and participating in discussions with colleagues from other departments and with the Client. Results/Expected Outputs

• Effective delivery of the World Bank’s financial sector and private development work pro-gram in Indonesia • High-quality presentations, briefing notes, and donor/progress reports on financial sector development prepared, including templates for future presentations and reporting

• Contributions to blogs, policy briefs, and research/working papers on financial sector is-sues in Indonesia

• The development of capacity through coaching, mentoring and formal on-the-job training, when working with (including supervising) national staff or (non-) governmental counter-parts, including Implementing Partners (IPs);

• Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective is systematically applied, integrated and documented in all activities throughout the assignment

• A final statement of achievements towards volunteerism for peace and development during the assignment, such as reporting on the number of volunteers mobilized, activities participated in and capacities developed

Eligibility criteria


18 – 26

Additional eligibility criteria

This assignment is funded by the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and only nationals of that country are eligible to apply.


This opportunity is funded by KSA Government therefore open to Saudi Nationals only


Required experience

1 years of experience in International organization. No experience is required for candidates with a Master’s degree; however, candidates with Bachelor’s degree will be taken into consideration if they can demonstrate at least 2 years of relevant working experience. Demonstrated interest and/or experience (at least three months) is desirable in: • Economics • Social-economic reform • Sustainable finance • Information technology or digital economy • Previous experience as a volunteer and/or experience of another culture, (i.e., studies, volunteer work, internship) would be highly regarded.

Area(s) of expertise

Business management, Development programmes, Economics and finance


English, Level: Fluent, Required

Required education level

Master degree or equivalent in Economics, Business Administration, Management, Public Policy, or similar fields.

Competencies and values

☒ Accountability ☒ Adaptability and Flexibility ☒ Building Trust ☒ Client Orientation ☒ Commitment and Motivation ☐ Commitment to Continuous Learning ☒ Communication ☒ Creativity ☐ Empowering Others ☒ Ethics and Values ☒ Integrity ☐ Judgement and Decision-making ☒ Knowledge Sharing ☐ Leadership ☐ Managing Performance ☒ Planning and Organizing ☒ Professionalism ☒ Respect for Diversity ☒ Self-Management ☒ Technological Awareness ☐ Vision ☒ Working in Teams

How to apply

Please apply through this link:

Junior Analyst: Financial and Private Sector | UVP (

closing date is: 30 June


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