Food Distribution Consultant ( 5 vacancies ) At Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale

one. Context

AVSI Venezuela is a Venezuelan non-profit organization, created in 2022, to contribute to improving the living conditions of people living in vulnerable situations. We are a local organization linked to the international context, through a partnership with the AVSI Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organization that supports 329 development cooperation projects in 39 countries, with headquarters in Italy, that has been operating in Venezuela since 2000 and that promoted the creation of AVSI Venezuela.

The WFP School-Based Program in Venezuela includes school meals served in schools and school meals to take home. According to each modality, WFP has established processes and activities that require coordination between different areas and actors. The School-Based Program includes, in a cross-cutting manner, a communication strategy with communities, inclusive treatment of people with disabilities and nutrition-sensitive actions, like a feedback and complaint mechanism, that together with school meals they aim to provide food assistance that protects the food security of the beneficiary students and their families, respect your rights and facilitate your participation in the school community. Likewise,promote capacity building in school personnel, kitchen staff and representatives, and ensure a gender and protection approach.

2. Object

With this announcement, AVSI Venezuela selects five (5) Consultants responsible for coordinating the reception of food and non-food products in schools, ensuring the correct distribution and registration.

3. Description of functions

  • Attend training related to the Program and its different components (registration, monitoring, distribution of food and non-food products, kitchen maintenance, inclusion, nutrition, communication with communities, protection and gender).
  • Register program beneficiaries.
  • Receive and deliver food and non-food products in schools.
  • Distribute food to beneficiaries.
  • Socialize the messages and deliver WFP communication materials to the beneficiaries through different communication modalities, guaranteeing communicational access for people with disabilities.
  • Perform any other required task / activity in the field, such as: support in school location, application of surveys, support in search of providers or others.

4. Key requirements and qualifications

  • Education: Average and diversified training in any area (minimum requirement).
  • Experience: at least two (02) years of work experience, preferably in food programs, social projects or community organizations such as grassroots organizations, neighborhood associations, etc. (you must not be a political activist).

5. Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Project management and community work.
  • Effective communication.
  • Able to lead team training and performance processes.
  • Team leadership.
  • Proactivity and empathy.
  • Troubleshooting ability.
  • Efficient management of Microsoft Office ® intermediate level.

6. Coordination of work

The Consulting Staff will respond directly to the Consulting Personnel Supervisor, the School-Based Program Coordinator and the Coordinator of Transversal Areas, based on the guidelines issued by the LATEAM Regional office, the AVSI Foundation Headquarters in Italy and the World Food Program ( WFP ).

7. Type of hiring

Fixed-time contract

Start date: November 01, 2023

End date: July 31, 2024.

8. Workplace

Work will be carried out at the AVSI Venezuela office in Yaracuy, so residing in the Bolívar and Manuel Monge municipalities or surrounding cities is highly desirable. Knowledge of the territory will be valued.

How to apply

Those interested should send their curricular synthesis in Spanish to the email until October 20 at 5:00 p.m. ( Hora Venezuela ). Mail must contain the subject “ CV TdR 012/2023 Consulting Personnel Project WFP ”

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