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Are you our new business development and fundraising colleague?

The MHPSS Collaborative aims to increase our strategic and thematic funding streams to advance our work for children, youth and families in the MHPSS sector. We seek an experienced Business Development and Fundraising Consultant to sharpen our donor engagement and fundraising initiatives, targeting both institutional and private donors.

Scope of the assignment

The consultant will be responsible for identifying, engaging, and securing funding from a range of sources, including but not limited to key institutional donors and foundations, in close collaboration with the Director, the Senior Technical Advisor and a group of designated staff from the Collaborative.

Responsibilities and tasks

Under the direct supervision of the Collaborative’s Director:

Strategic analysis and planning:

  • Capacity building and team formation:
  • Onboard with MHPSS Collaborative to understand its strategic vision, mission, projects and past fundraising activities.
  • Lead partner mapping and internal opportunities mapping workshops.
  • Source or conduct skills training sessions.
  • Conduct an in-depth funding landscape analysis to identify aligning opportunities.
  • Execute a detailed donor landscape analysis and SWOT assessment.
  • Aid in defining realistic fundraising goals.
  • Formulate a strategic fundraising plan based on the analysis, including the creation of a proposal calendar and donor engagement strategies.

Proposal development:

  • Collaboratively work with the MHPSS team to understand project specifics.
  • Craft tailored, compelling proposals for each potential donor, as well as generic proposals for future modification and use.
  • Provide feedback and reviews on proposal drafts to refine content and presentation.

Donor relations:

  • Initiate, establish, and nurture relationships with prospective donors.
  • Introduce Collaborative staff to new potential donors leveraging consultant’s network.
  • Promote the MHPSS Collaborative at relevant events, conferences, or meetings, showcasing the organization’s initiatives and seeking collaborative opportunities.

Performance metrics and reporting:

  • Assist in setting, tracking, and reviewing fundraising milestones.
  • Ensure transparent communication channels with MHPSS Collaborative leadership and designated business development team.
  • Track and report the success rate of proposals, feedback received, and funds secured.
  • Provide regular updates, including monthly progress reports, to the leadership, highlighting achievements, challenges, and recommendations.

Key deliverables

Funding landscape report:

  • Comprehensive detailing of potential funding sources, opportunities, and timelines.
  • Integration of findings from the detailed donor landscape analysis and SWOT assessment.

Fundraising strategy:

  • A strategic blueprint highlighting targets, approaches, and timelines.
  • Incorporates elements such as the proposal calendar, donor engagement strategies, and defined fundraising goals derived from the strategic analysis and planning phase.

Proposal portfolio:

  • Tailored proposals per thematic priority for targeted donors.
  • Feedback and revisions incorporated based on the collaborative work with the MHPSS team and the reviews to ensure alignment with donor requirements.

Capacity strengthening:

  • Tools, templates, and tips collated for self-guided learning on fundraising and proposal writing.
  • Addition of sourced or conducted skills training sessions, enhancing the organization’s capabilities in business development and donor engagement.

Monthly performance reports:

  • Documented updates capturing progress, challenges, strategies, and recommendations.
  • Detailed insights into the tracking and success rates of proposals, feedback received, funds secured, and other relevant milestones.

Professional skills and experience


  • A Master’s degree in Business Development, International Relations, or a related domain.
  • A minimum of six years of hands-on experience in business development and fundraising within the humanitarian and development sectors.
  • Proven track record of securing grants, especially from government agencies and foundations.
  • Exceptional English proposal writing, negotiation, and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently, make informed decisions, and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Previous experience or familiarity with MHPSS or related sectors is an advantage.

Desirable personal qualities:

  • A strategic thinker with an innovative approach to challenges.
  • Strong interpersonal and networking skills.
  • Commitment to the vision, mission and values of MHPSS Collaborative.

How to apply

Instructions for bidding:

Bidders are requested to respond to Sections A & B below, then return this part of the document with the relevant sections completed via email (no hard copies required) to Kate Harris**, Programmes Advisor (**

Deadline for submission: Sunday midnight, 24 September 2023

Process: Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to interview, in which bidders will be able to further elaborate on their proposal.

For further information contact Marie Dahl, Director (

Please note, this position is subject to funding being confirmed.


1.a) Business details

Please provide the following information:

Business details

Name of independent consultant or organisation submitting the tender:

E-mail address:



Post Codecountry:

Telephone number:

Company Registration number:

Company DnB number:

VAT Registration number:

Is your organisation:

(Please highlight one)

i) a public limited company

ii) a limited company

iii) a partnership

iv) a sole trader/independent consultant

v) other (please specify)

Name of (ultimate) parent company (if applicable):

Companies House Registration number of parent company (if applicable):

1.b) Experience and Expertise

  • Please attach a bullet point summary of your experience and expertise, highlighting your experience with business development, fundraising and securing funding from, primarily including but not limited to, key private, institutional donors, as well as foundations. Make sure to highlight which sectors and any experience in the MHPSS sector.

1.c) Methodology

  • Please provide a brief methodology for how you will achieve the deliverables detailed in Section 4.
  • Please detail how you will monitor, demonstrate and communicate progress throughout this consultancy.


The price and rates quoted shall be the fully inclusive value of the services, specifying VAT, together with all general risks, liabilities and obligations, set out or implied, necessary to comply with the MHPSS Collaborative’s conditions of contract1 and the Terms of Reference above.

1.a) Proposed costs

Please provide a budget in the specified template on the following link (Section B. Cost Proposal):

1.b) Other costs

If there are any further costs or expenses that you propose charging, please detail these. The MHPSS Collaborative will not be liable for any additional costs that are not set out in the Bidder’s proposal.

No further costs than those detailed in the proposed budget, subject to the assumption in Section B.b).

1.c) Assumptions

Please set out any assumptions you have made in determining your proposed costs.

1.d) Contract

The MHPSS Collaborative standard contract terms will be shared based on the employment status of the selected bidder**.**


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