Clackamas County Sheriff bounce Oregon Governor Kate Brown with a swift reply


(BREAKING WIDE) – Clackamas County Sheriff bounce Oregon Governor Kate Brown with a swift reply “it’s about changing policy not adding resources”

Kate Brown, governor of Oregon has finally decided to crack down on the nightly violence after Antifa targeted and killed a Trump supporter last weekend. The Governor is asking neighboring sheriff’s to assist the Portland police to restore order:

“The Governor is asking Clackamas and Washington County Sheriff’s Offices and the City of Gresham Police Department to support the Portland Police Bureau with personnel and resources to keep the peace and protect free speech.”

But two of these neighboring sheriff’s promptly rejected her request. The sheriff for Clackamas responded first with a blistering indictment of the failure of Portland officials to hold these rioters accountable:


On Sunday, August 30th, I read that Governor Kate Brown announced a new plan to address the lawlessness happening in Portland. I was surprised to read that the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office was part of the plan since the Governor’s Office never contacted me.

Had Governor Brown discussed her plan with my office, I would have told her it’s about changing policy not adding resources. Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder. The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence. That will require the DA to charge offenders appropriately and a decision by the Multnomah County Presiding Judge not to allow offenders released on their own recognizance, and instead require bail with conditions. The same offenders are arrested night after night, only to be released by the court and not charged with a crime by the DA’s Office. The next night they are back at it, endangering the lives of law enforcement and the community all over again.

For all of us in law enforcement, keeping our community safe is our first priority. Had Governor Brown asked me, I would have told her that no amount of human resources will stop the “cycle of violence” (her term) that is making Portland unsafe. For that to occur, the criminal justice system will need do its part and hold offenders accountable.

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