California woman says COVID-19 Kills Disproportionately, especially people who “look like us”


(BREAKINGWIDE) – California woman says COVID-19 kills disproportionately, especially People Who “look like us”.

Karen Bass, Biden running mate contender said on “The Breakfast Club” radio that 154k people are dead because “we have a president who really doesn’t care and thinks denial is the way to deal with this.”

As of August 7th, more than 4,889,500 people in the United States have been infected with the novel coronavirus and at least 159,500 have been reported dead.

Karen said that she was “obsessed” with the virus because it appeared to be killing a disproportionate percentage of blacks, which she referred to as people who “look like us.


Karen Bass: I was just completely obsessed behind this virus, because, I mean, right now 154,000 people are dead, and they didn’t have to die. They died because we have a president who really doesn’t care and thinks denial is the way to deal with this.

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California woman Says COVID-19 Kills Disproportionately

We don’t know how many of those 154 (thousand) look like us but we know it’s a significant percentage, so the reason why I was obsessed was because when it came out that 70 percent of the people that died in Chicago were black, 80 percent of the people that died in Alabama were black, 70 percent in New Orleans [were black], and we weren’t doing anything.


Last month, BBC reported that, a coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears safe and triggers an immune response. Trials involving 1,077 people showed the injection led to them making antibodies and T-cells that can fight coronavirus.

The findings are hugely promising, but it is still too soon to know if this is enough to offer protection and larger trials are under way.

The UK has already ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine.The vaccine – called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 – is being developed at unprecedented speed. The vaccine is made from a genetically engineered virus that causes the common cold in chimpanzees.

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