BREAKING: Trump Downed Sessions “Endorse Tuberville Instead”


BREAKING: Trump Downed Sessions “Endorse Tuberville Instead”, in the U.S. Senate race President Trump has endorsed Tommy Tuberville over Jeff Sessions.

President Trump endorsed Tuberville

Tuberville and Sessions will be on the ballot in a runoff election on March 31 after no candidate in last week’s GOP primary obtained 50 percent of the vote.Tuberville and Sessions were the top two vote getters in the primary with roughly 33 percent and 32 percent of the vote, respectively.

President Trump had remained neutral in the race leading up to the primary.


Yet Tuesday’s endorsement could deal a fatal blow to Sessions ‘ bid for his old Senate seat, which he vacated when he joined the Cabinet of the President as Attorney General.

Sessions was the first U.S. senator to support Trump during the campaign in 2016, but has since become the President’s punching bag.

Trump has repeatedly exasperated Sessions over his decision to rebut the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. He mocked Sessions ‘ accent, urged him to renounce himself, and characterized him as a “total disaster” and “an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama.”

Sessions remained loyal, refusing to openly criticize the president and focusing his Senate campaign on his efforts to bring Trump’s agenda into effect.


Meanwhile, Tuberville has tried to cast Sessions as insufficiently loyal to the President, citing his role in the Russian investigation.

Which Republican emerges from the runoff is undoubtedly favored in November to beat Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.)

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BREAKING: Trump Downed Sessions “Endorse Tuberville Instead”




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