Arquitecto Interagencial, Panama City, Panama At United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

Closing date: Friday, 25 August 2023

WFP celebrates and embraces diversity. It is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all its employees and encourages qualified candidates to apply irrespective of race, colour, national origin, ethnic or social background, genetic information, gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, religion or belief, HIV status or disability.


The deadline to apply for this position is August 24th, 2023.


The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), a highly prestigious, reputable & world’s largest humanitarian organization, operating in more than 120 countries and territories, bringing life-saving assistance in emergencies, building pathways to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change and supporting sustainable and resilient livelihoods for a world with zero hunger. At WFP, people are at the heart of everything we do and the vision of the future WFP workforce is one of diverse, committed, skilled, and high performing teams, selected on merit, operating in a healthy and inclusive work environment, living WFP’s values (Integrity, Collaboration, Commitment, Humanity, and Inclusion) and working with partners to save and change the lives of those WFP serves. To learn more about WFP, visit our website: UN World Food Programme (WFP) and follow us on social media to keep up with our latest news: YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


  •  WFP is a 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
  •  WFP offers a highly inclusive, diverse, and multicultural working environment.
  •  WFP invests in the personal & professional development of its employees through a range of training, accreditation, coaching, mentorship, and other programs as well as through internal mobility opportunities.
  •  A career path in WFP provides an exciting opportunity to work across the various country, regional and global offices around the world, and with passionate colleagues who work tirelessly to ensure that effective humanitarian assistance reaches millions of people across the globe.
  •  We offer an attractive compensation package (please refer to the Terms and Conditions section).


The United Nations agencies in Panama, WFP, UNFPA, OCHA and DCO will use building 128 by the lessor Fundación Ciudad del Saber (FCDS) for their offices. The building has common areas as well as dedicated floors for each agency. The building has common areas as well as dedicated floors for each agency that has a bilateral contract with FCDS Fundación Ciudad del Saber (FCDS). Bilateral contract with FCDS City of Knowledge Foundation respectively. Each UN agency has an identified project manager and has a technical reporting line with their respective headquarters. reporting line with their respective headquarters that makes sure that project activities are in accordance with the corporate requirements of each Corporate requirements of each agency and make sure that the requirements of each agency are represented in the common agency’s requirements are represented in the common areas of the building. Oversight will be provided by the interagency committee made up of the project managers of each agency. Duties required of the successful candidate will include, but are not limited to, the following: STANDARD MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

Education: Diploma or Degree in Architecture, Structural Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction, Planning or Design or other related field and/or relevant work experience. – Certificate of suitability (Technical Board of Engineering and Architecture of Panama).

Experience: More than 5 years of relevant experience in engineering or architecture, design and development of architectural plans, planning, supervision and/or inspection of construction projects and knowledge of Panamanian construction standards.

Languages: Excellent written and oral/communicative skills in both Spanish and English.

Other skills:

– Microsoft Project. – Computer skills / MS Outlook – Microsoft office included (MS Word and Excel). – AutoCAD


  •  Follow up on the overall design (architecture, electrical, special systems, etc.), and management of the Interagency project in compliance with the requirements of each agency and based on the contract signed with the contract signed with Fundación Ciudad del saber, taking into consideration that the common areas meet the Interagency areas comply with the inter-agency requirements.
  •  Interaction with the technical counterpart of the lessor, such as the team of architects and engineers by Fundación Ciudad del Saber.
  •  Interaction with the lessor’s technical counterpart, e.g. the team of architects and engineers by Fundación Ciudad del Saber, to ensure that the technical requirements of the Interagency Committee are met by the lessor. And to follow up communications plan by FCDS, including information requests, change requests, change proposals and notifications.
  •  Interaction with the focal point of each agency at the country and headquarters level to ensure that corporate requirements are implemented.
  •  Serve on the inter-agency committee as a non-voting technical representative.
  •  Support the inter-agency focal points to ensure that each agency’s project progresses according to the timetable
  •  Support the interagency focal points so that each agency’s project progresses according to the schedule presented by the Fundación Ciudad del Saber.
  •  Support the project to be carried out in accordance with the specifications that are part of the contract signed between the agencies and the Fundación Ciudad del Saber.
  •  Read, implement or adjust designs, drawings and documentation according to each agency’s requirements of each agency.
  •  Elaborate and develop technical information, drawings or additional research necessary to meet the specific needs of each agency.
  •  Responsible for defining technical specifications of finishes and materials to be used in interiors based on the based on each agency’s corporate requirements.
  •  Approve terms of reference for the purchase of items (Non Food Items NFI) or acquisition of services, in the event that any of the agencies require technical support in the development of the document and as document and as technical support from the requisitioning unit.
  •  Liaise with third party companies (contractors, suppliers, etc.) and supervise related on-site work; manage and on-site related work; manage and supervise teams and coordinate activities in conjunction and in jointly and in consultation with other supervisors on behalf of the supplier on site.
  •  Serve on committees for each agency as a technical representative. Keep committee members of the progress of the project for both common areas and the progress for each occupied space by each agency.
  •  Under the overall supervision of the inter-agency committee formed by WFP, UNFPA, OCHA and DCO for any technical support be in contact with the focal point of each agency to ensure that corporate cross-functional corporate requirements of each agency are reflected in the project. reflected in the project.
  •  Any other tasks related to the management of the Building 128 project that may be assigned and minor and minor adjustments to the different agencies if necessary.


Lead by example with integrity.

  •  Demonstrate and encourage others to uphold WFP values, principles, and standards.
  •  Value diversity using respectful and inclusive language, and encourage others to do the same.
  •  Stay focused and calm when under pressure, encourage others to do the same, and offer guidance and support to manage difficult situations.
  •  Demonstrate humility and a willingness to learn and share knowledge, frequently seeking and acting on feedback, and pursuing opportunities to develop.

Drive results and deliver on commitments.

  •  Identify and align objectives to the required outcomes, holding self and/or others accountable for the delivery of results for maximum impact.
  •  Delegate responsibly and provide appropriate support, empowering others to deliver results.
  •  Respond readily to change in different contexts and adapt accordingly.

Be inclusive and collaborative

  •  Promote inclusive teamwork and psychological safety by encouraging colleagues to collaborate by sharing ideas and openly raising issues.
  •  Support development for others by giving timely and constructive feedback.
  •  Seek out, trust and listen attentively to diverse views to capture, learn, build, and share new perspectives.


Strong preference will be given to those who can demonstrate that they can operate in fast fluid environments with limited resources. The ideal candidate will be both detail oriented, determined to get things done. The Interagency Project Manager must be extremely fast paced and efficient. Able to propose improvements to the design and identify problems that may arise affecting the execution of the work according to the contract with la Fundación Ciudad del Saber.


Provide the necessary technical support to ensure that agencies have incorporated their corporate requirements into their dedicated corporate requirements both in their dedicated spaces and in the common areas that they are ready within the times in the times established in the contract that each agency has with Fundación Ciudad del Saber.


Number of openings: 1 Based in: Panama City, Panama Type of Contract: SSA Level: 10 Duration: 6 months.

WFP has a zero-tolerance approach to conduct such as fraud, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to WFP’s standards of conduct and will therefore undergo rigorous background verification internally or through third parties. Selected candidates will also be required to provide additional information as part of the verification exercise. Misrepresentation of information provided during the recruitment process may lead to disqualification or termination of employment

WFP will not request payment at any stage of the recruitment process including at the offer stage. Any requests for payment should be refused and reported to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.


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