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Aoc To Be Removed From Congress Following Her Latest Stunt

Aoc To Be Removed From Congress Following Her Latest Stunt.

Aoc To Be Removed From Congress Following Her Latest Stunt, If you had any doubts Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a complete moron, hates America, and should be removed from office.

AOC liked a tweet from a Russian-funded fake news peddling operative that claimed that Iran, does not target civilians. You heard that right, a congresswoman liked a tweet claiming Iran, a country that supports terrorism around the globe, does not target civilians.

“A friend flying into the US says he hasn’t seen so much security since 9/11,” activist Rania Khalek said in a Sunday tweet liked by the Democratic congresswoman.

“The US is terrified of how Iran will retaliate. Iran won’t attack civilians, that’s what al Qaeda does. But it shows this assassination did the opposite of making Americans safer and our leaders know it.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


We took a screenshot of this in case AOC deletes her reaction.

Also Khalek is a host for “In the Now,” which is a media company that is funded by the Russian government, it was kicked off Facebook for pro-Russia propaganda and deception. Previously, Khalek worked for the anti-Israel site “The Electronic Intifada but was forced to resign because she spoke at a pro-Bashar al-Assad conference in Syria.

Now Khalek obviously has a thing for fascist leaders, misinformation, and terrorists. During a recent Livestream on YouTube she claimed that “Iran is a country that mostly keeps to itself.” She also said, “it’s a really brave country that’s been essential to keeping the Middle East stable throughout the last several decades.”

But, this relationship between AOC, “The Squad,” and Khalek appears to be deeper than just surface-level liking posts.

“Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) has also approved of and interacted with Khalek and posted a clenched-fist in agreement.


Aoc To Be Removed From Congress

I don’t know what the hell the people that voted for these two were thinking but these two freshman congresswomen need to go.

They are organizing with a Russian-funded propaganda wing and undermining the United States of America.


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Aoc To Be Removed From Congress Following Her Latest Stunt.


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