State Midwifery Consultant, Bhopal, India At UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund

Job Identification : 12784

Locations : Bhopal, India

Posting Date : 08/10/2023, 04:35 AM

Apply Before : 08/19/2023, 03:59 AM

Job Schedule : Full time

Vacancy Type : Individual Consultancy

Contract Duration : 10 months

Education and Work Experience : Bachelor’s Degree – 3 year(s) experience

Other Criteria

BSc Nursing and 3to 5 years’ experience in the area of maternal health activities MSc Nursing (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) is preferred

Required Languages : Fluency in English and Hindi

Vacancy Timeline : 1 Week

Job Category : Sexual & Reproductive Health

Job Description


Purpose of consultancy: Individual Consultancy Contract

‘State Midwifery Consultant’ under the short- term project for Provision of Technical Assistance towards midwifery strengthening through SMTIs in the State


Government of India (GOI) has decided to roll out a new cadre of midwifery in India in 2018 and is planning to establish 14 National Midwifery Training Institutes (NMTIs), which in turn are meant to train the State Midwifery Educators, who will set up 2-3 State Midwifery Training Institutes (SMTIs) in each of the states. Each of the NMTIs will have International Midwifery Educators (IMEs), who will prepare State Midwifery educators.

UNFPA is supporting the roll out of Midwifery Programme in Madhya Pradesh in terms of strengthening the identified SMTIs in the State. The State Midwifery Consultant will work closely with the NHM to facilitate the operationalization of the identified State Midwifery training institutes (Satna and Vidisha)in the state allotted to UNFPA by NHM.

Scope of work: (Description of services, activities, or outputs)

The State Midwifery Consultant will work from UNFPA, and S/he will be responsible for providing technical and program management support for planning, management and monitoring of activities related to midwifery programs.

As part of the work, the Consultant, under direction of the State Head, UNFPA will interact with the designated training institutions and will undertake field visits to the districts where SMTI is located for program planning, management, and monitoring. S/he will serve as a link between UNFPA and NHM for midwifery Programme strengthening at the SMTIs.

1. Specific roles and responsibilities will include the following:

  •  Overall co-ordination of SMTI activities including training, mentoring and overall training implementation for the identified UNFPA supported SMTIs.
  •  Co-ordination between partner organizations NHM, UNFPA and District administration.
  •  Co-ordination with state government on developing Midwifery Led Care Units (MLCUs) and skill labs at SMTIs.
  •  Support Deputy Director-Maternal Health, NHM and UNFPA in conducting quality assurance for midwifery in the identified SMTIs.
  •  Organizing the various elements needed for training: This will include making sure schedules for teaching, trainee rotations are made and distributed to all parties, with gentle reminders and any required information support extended,
  •  Support midwifery educators and midwifery educator trainees in the training (clinical and classroom) and examination.
  •  Support the labour room sites to adopt ensure evidence-based clinical practices in co-ordination with the specialists.
  •  Support and undertake assessments of the institutes.
  •  Provide support in developing a reporting system.
  •  Facilitate learning visits of other states for the midwifery program.
  •  Support in the development of knowledge products in terms of midwifery and maternal health/ SRH guidelines to trainers, organizing scientific briefs, advocacy briefs and Audio-visual materials on midwifery program.
  •  Facilitate the strengthening the capacities of the staff nurses in the UNFPA focus districts in the State.
  •  Undertake any other related task assigned by UNFPA


  •  Assessment of SMTIs assigned to UNFPA in the State
  •  Establishment of midwifery led care unit in the district hospitals where the SMTIs are located.
  •  Skill lab established at the identified SMTIs.
  •  Develop detailed calendar for the training of the Nurse Practitioner midwives at the SMTIs.
  •  Nurses of the high loaded delivery points trained on evidence-based practices.
  •  Development of checklist to understand the practices in the area of maternal and new-born health adopted by nurses in the high loaded institutions of 3 UNFPA supported districts.
  •  Deliverables on the basis of the discussion with NHM and UNFPA


Place where services are to be delivered: 10 months

Position located at Bhopal and services delivered will be across the State and identified districts

Delivery dates and how work will be delivered (e.g., electronic, hard copy etc.): The consultant will submit regular reports on activities undertaken and submit travel reports within four working days.

The work of the midwifery consultant will be planned based on the roles and responsibilities. Every month the deliverables will be finalized, and the monthly honorarium will be released on the achievement of the deliverables

Hard copy and electronic copy of the document to be shared with UNFPA.

Monitoring and progress control, including reporting requirements, periodicity format and deadline: The consultant will regularly interact with UNFPA State Head in terms of the undertaking of the roles and responsibilities. S/he will co-ordinate with UNFPA SRHR specialist of MP office for technical interaction

Supervisory arrangements: State Head of Office, UNFPA State of Madhya Pradesh

Expected travel: Maximum 6 days travel (Travel to the districts for documentation of the consultations and document the voices of the stakeholders)

Required expertise, qualifications, and competencies, including language requirements: Basic qualification – BSc Nursing and 3 to 5 years’ experience in the area of maternal health activities

MSc Nursing (Obstetrics and Gynecology) is preferred.

Working experience and/or familiarity with the development sector and thematic areas of the area of work is preferable.

Those who are having only Nursing background need to apply

Inputs / services to be provided by UNFPA or implementing partner (e.g., support services, office space, equipment), if applicable: UNFPA will provide facilitating the environment in getting the necessary orders from Government for the consultants to visit high priority districts and undertake work in terms of coordination with District Health Officials



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