Senior Child Protection Assistant, Guatemala City, Guatemala At Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Closing date: Sunday, 21 May 2023

Hardship Level (not applicable for home-based): A (least hardship)

Family Type (not applicable for home-based): Family

Staff Member / Affiliate Type: UNOPS LICA5

Target Start Date: 2023-05-22

Job Posting End Date: May 22, 2023

Terms of Reference

1. General Background \u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002 UNHCR is committed to the effective protection of children of concern, with children representing more than half of the persons falling under its mandate. UNHCR adopts rights and community-based approach to addressing the protection needs of children, with a strong emphasis on inclusion within national child protection, child-friendly procedures, and working with other sectors to protect children. Child protection is recognized as a global organizational priority for UNHCR.

In recent years, the North of Central America \u2015 El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala \u2015 has seen a dramatic escalation in acute violence of street gangs and organized criminal groups that are driving increased forced displacement both within and from these countries. NCA countries are experiencing some of the highest homicide rates ever recorded, and sexual violence, forced disappearances, forced recruitment into gangs, forced prostitution, and trafficking of girls and women for sexual exploitation have also been reported as part of the violence pattern.

UNHCR has developed a comprehensive protection strategy for the NCA countries within the framework of the 2014 Brazil Declaration and Plan of Action and the 2016 San Jos\u00e9 Statement with the aim to provide protection and a durable solution to UNHCR Persons that UNHCR serves. Resettlement is one of the durable solutions offered to persons that UNHCR serves in NCA countries. \u2018Traditional’ Resettlement of persons outside of their country of origin, particularly those returned by the US government, and persons in transit is taking place from Guatemala. Moreover, in Guatemala UNHCR has in place a Resettlement program called the Protection Transfer Agreement (PTA) for persons that UNHCR serves who are still in their countries of origin.

Both the RST and PTA programs are elements of the regional protection and solutions strategy and represents an innovative life-saving mechanism that provides individuals facing severe protection risks within Guatemala with safe and legal access to another country where they can enjoy effective protection. The programs are coordinated by UNHCR, IOM, local NGOs, the Republic of Costa Rica which is used as a transit country for specific profiles and most vulnerable cases; and with the Governments of the countries of asylum/origin and participating Resettlement countries.

The ongoing scale-up of the Guatemala operation saw a sharp increase in terms of annual quotas for PTA and RST. Specifically, in 2022 PTA-Resettlement quota stands at 3,000 individuals between PTA (Guatemala nationals) and RST (refugees and asylum seekers). It is estimated that approximately 20% of PTA and Resettlement cases processed for submission to resettlement countries undergoes a best-interest process and requires the completion of a BIA or BID report to be submitted alongside the resettlement application.

The Senior Child Protection Assistant is needed in Guatemala to take the responsibility for specific actions as part of the overall Best Interests Procedure in case management, which includes carrying out timely best interest assessments and determinations, developing a case plan ensuring the child’s participation in the process and case management through appropriate documentation, including updating and maintaining the database for best interest procedure.

Essential technical knowledge

\u2022\tKnowledge of UNHCR child protection policies and tools including the UNHCR Best Interests Procedures Guidelines, interagency child protection Minimum Standards, Guiding Principles, and GV case management standards. \u2022\tA good knowledge and experience of protection, including prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence. \u2022\tKnowledge of the national child protection systems, including laws, policies, and services. \u2022\tGood knowledge of the roles of different actors, and processes for the protection of children. \u2022\tExcellent skills in communicating with children and advocating on behalf of children. \u2022\tInterviewing and counseling skills and individual case management. \u2022\tUnderstanding of the community’s role, structure, and practices, including the community’s social, cultural, and gender norms. \u2022\tGood analytical and report-writing skills.

Desirable technical knowledge

\u2022\tUnderstanding of displacement and protection issues including GV, education, and the application of Age, Gender, and Diversity. \u2022\tKnowledge of the international legal framework governing refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons, and statelessness. \u2022\tKnowledge of UNHCR guidelines on RSD and Resettlement. \u2022\tKnowledge of and/or preparedness to become familiar with and abide by UNHCR’s principles, Code of Conduct, and humanitarian goals. \u2022\tCompleted Protection Learning Programme. \u2022\tKnowledge of protection information management tools, including but not limited to proGres v4 and/or CPIMS.

2. Purpose and Scope of Assignment \u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002 \u2022\tAs part of the overall implementation of the best interest procedure, support the case management system by gathering and maintaining updated documentation and information, including the database system for this purpose. \u2022\tSupport the logistical and administrative requirements for the best interest procedures, including coordination of interviews, and other logistical needs of the unit. \u2022\tSupport the BID supervisor in the follow-up of cases in judicial procedures with the counterparts as required. \u2022\tIn consultation with the designated supervisor for the BID Process identify cases requiring BIDs or BIAs. \u2022\tAct as a Child Protection caseworker collecting all information relevant to the child’s case by interviewing the child, his/her family or other caregivers, and others who may be relevant to the child’s case. If needed gathering additional information or updating information for cases as required. Analyze the information collected, formulate recommendations for decisions, prepare the case report, and submit it to the Reviewing Officer for further action, while continuing to monitor and follow up on the child’s protection situation. \u2022\tParticipate in BID Panel meetings when required, to clarify or respond to questions, and act as an advocate for the child. \u2022\tSupport the implementation of the BID decision, and report to the supervisor on progress and/or challenges. This includes advising the supervisor on changes in the child’s protection situation. \u2022\tTravel to the territory if required to conduct Best Interest Procedures. \u2022\tPerform other related duties as required.

3. Monitoring and Progress Controls (Clear description of measurable outputs, milestones, key performance indicators and/or reporting requirements which will enable performance monitoring) \u2002\u2002\u2002 \u2022\tMonthly reports on the completion of BIAs and BIDs conducted, the CP Assistant is expected to be able to prepare and complete a minimum of 5 monthly BID reports to be presented to the panel and additional BIAs if required. \u2022\tRegular Reports on the progress of case management and other statistical and narrative reports on the progress of best-interest procedures, including the follow-up of judicial procedures with counterparts. \u2022\tCase management information updated on progress v4 including updating and maintaining the database for best interest procedures. \u2022\tA Final Report (at the end of the assignment or end of the year) \u2022\tQuarterly Performance Appraisal Reports (PAR)

4. Qualifications and Experience (List the required education, work experience, expertise and competencies of the individual contractor. The listed education and experience should correspond with the level at which the contract is offered.)

a. Education (Level and area of required and/or preferred education) \u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002 \u2022\tAcademic degree in relevant area (e.g., Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, or other relevant social science)

b. Work Experience (List number of years and area of required work experience. Clearly distinguish between required experience and experience which could be an asset.) \u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002 \u2022\t1 year of previous work experience relevant to the function of child protection in a local context and having experience in the field of child protection prevention and response, broader protection or psychosocial work involving empowerment of women and girls, gender, child protection, mental health, counselling and working with survivors, humanitarian, and development issues. Skills and experience in interviewing and working with children and families including supervision of child protection case management. \u2022\tExperience in case work, preferably in Child Protection and Resettlement or Refugee Status Determination- RSD context, and experience working with vulnerable groups and in emergency contexts.

c. Key Competencies (Technical knowledge, skills, managerial competencies or other personal competencies relevant to the performance of the assignment. Clearly distinguish between required and desired competencies) \u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002\u2002

\u2022\tAccountability \u2022\tOrganizational Awareness \u2022\tTeamwork & Collaboration \u2022\tCommitment to Continuous Learning \u2022\tClient & Result Orientation \u2022\tJudgement and Decision Making \u2022\tAnalytical Thinking

Desirable competencies.

\u2022\tPolitical Awareness \u2022\tStakeholder Management \u2022\tPlanning and Organizing \u2022\tCommunication

Standard Job DescriptionRequired Languages: Spanish , English

Additional Qualifications: Skills



Work Experience

Other information: This position doesn’t require a functional clearance


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