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Terms of Reference (TOR)
Humanitarian Project Cycle Management Consultant

ShelterBox is a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to providing emergency shelter and support for families affected by natural disasters and conflicts worldwide. In our continuous pursuit of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our humanitarian projects, we are seeking an experienced project manager with a strong background in developing and constructing humanitarian project management workflows and governance processes. A significant amount of work has already taken place internally on this. This consultancy aims to support the Deputy Director of International Programmes at ShelterBox in finalizing our Project Cycle Management (PCM) framework, mapping against the current Grant Management Systems, and incorporating Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs).

ShelterBox would like the PCM process to be completed and rolled out to the department by the end of February 2024. To support this, we plan to roll out the PCM in a staged approach, delivering each section of the PCM (Initiation, Design, Implementation/ monitoring and Closure) once it has been completed.
ShelterBox is currently going through a Business System Transformation (BST) process, in which several IT solutions are being upgraded or introduced across the departments. This will include introducing a cloud-based program, project, and grant management IT solution in the latter half of 2024. The PCM process for the programmes team will lay the foundation for this system, and we aim to use the PCM development time to consider the requirements and architecture for this system.

ShelterBox is seeking to engage a Humanitarian Project Cycle Management Consultant to facilitate finalizing our Project Cycle Management (PCM) framework.


The primary objectives of this consultancy position are:

• PCM Framework Enhancement: Collaborate with ShelterBox’s Deputy Director of Programmes to finalize and enhance the ShelterBox Project Cycle Management (PCM) framework, ensuring alignment with international best practices and the integration of

•Grants and MEAL SoPs. It will also map, review and support clear linkages with the previously developed Grant Management Cycle.

• Project Governance Framework – Alongside the PCM framework develop a project governance framework that supports the PCM delivery, division of responsibility within decision making and portfolio management and learning.

• Workflow construction Design and refine a comprehensive project management workflow within the PCM framework that encompasses 4 key areas – project initiation, design, implementation and monitoring, and closure phases.

• Toolkit Development: Create a practical and user-friendly toolkit that incorporates templates, tools, and guidelines to facilitate the effective implementation of the PCM framework across ShelterBox’s projects – including decision making gates, and RASCI modelling.

• Roll out and training – There will be a stage roll out of the PCM once each section of the PCM has been completed. The training will be conducted internally but the consultant will be expected to support the preparation for these training sessions.

• Resource / Manual Production: Develop a resource that provides clear instructions for project managers and staff on how to proficiently use the PCM framework, toolkit, and MEAL SoPs. This would be constructed in a way that can be upgraded to an online resource tool in the future.

• Project Management Automation – As much as possible, in parallel document key areas (data fields, decision making processes) to enable smooth development of the IT system. (Desirable)

Purpose and Scope of Work (SOW):

The Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks. Indicative timescales have been included:

  • Review and Assessment: Conduct a comprehensive review of ShelterBox’s Grant Management process, draft PCM outline, and MEAL SoPs to date, identifying areas for enhancement and integration. (5 days)
  • PCM Framework Finalization: Collaborate with the Deputy Director, Head of Programme Quality and other staff to finalize the PCM framework, incorporating MEAL SoPs and ensuring alignment with ShelterBox’s mission and values. (7 days)
  • Workflow Refinement – Work closely with ShelterBox staff to refine the project management workflow within the PCM framework, ensuring that it covers all necessary phases and activities (included in the above 5 days).
  • Project Governance – Clearly defined governance framework for ShelterBox’s International Programme Department. (2days)
  • Resource and toolkit creation: With input and guidance from the ShelterBox team support the development of a comprehensive toolkit that includes templates, checklists, and guidelines to support project managers in implementing the PCM framework effectively, with a specific focus on MEAL. Using these, compile these into a user-friendly resource (5 days).
  • BST readiness – With the knowledge of the upcoming BST process, to document key requirements, and processes that would support the system architecture of the forthcoming automated project management system. (3days) Desirable.

Expertise & Experience

The ideal candidate for this consultancy position should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in project management, with a focus on humanitarian projects within the NGO sector.
  • Proven expertise in developing and implementing project management workflows and systems, with a strong emphasis on PCM and MEAL integration, as well as project governance.
    Familiarity with international humanitarian standards and guidelines
  • Demonstrated experience in creating toolkits, manuals / resources.
  • Desirable: Experience on migrating from a paper based to an IT cloud-based project management solution (Desirable)

Duration and Location

The consultancy is expected to commence as soon as possible and be completed by 31st January 2024. The work can be conducted remotely, with regular meetings with the Deputy Director and other key staff.

The Small Print:

The purpose of this ToR is to allow ShelterBox to assess consultant responses and use the resultant assessments in future decision-making regarding the opportunity. Whilst ShelterBox intends to compare responses to this ToR for the purposes of pre-qualification and possible shortlisting for further consideration, ShelterBox makes no obligations or undertakings in any way to: accept any response information received from consultants; or include consultants responding to this ToR in any future tender invitation; or any other commitment to consultants whatsoever, including any intention to form a contract with any consultant for provision of the requirements set out in this ToR.

ShelterBox plans to award this business to a supplier based upon the suitability of the proposed ideas, expertise demonstrated and best value.

All ToR documents remain the property of ShelterBox, and all consultants are required to return to ShelterBox or delete these documents upon request. ShelterBox will consider the responses to this ToR confidential. Consultants who do not honour these confidentiality provisions will be excluded from participating in future ShelterBox opportunities.

All information contained in this ToR is confidential and may not be disclosed, published, or advertised in any manner without written authorisation from ShelterBox.

All time and expense incurred by the consultants for this ToR are the responsibility of the consultant and will not be reimbursed by ShelterBox.

How to apply

Prospective consultants interested in bidding for this opportunity should submit a written proposal to tenders@shelterbox.orgmiranda.harington@shelterbox.orgbefore 5pm (GMT) on 10th November 2023.

Any Questions, please contact Miranda Harington,

For the Full PDF ToR please email who will get back to you asap.

Bid Requirements

ShelterBox will review proposals and potentially hold follow-up calls with suppliers who best meet the requirements set out in this ToR with the aim of identifying a successful supplier for the work.

Proposals are required to include the following information and Interested candidates should submit the following documents:

  • An expression of interest outlining your approach to the Objectives and Scope of Work, including a proposed timeline and budget. Please ensure that project plan aligns to the staged delivery approach highlighted in the background section.
  • A detail CV highlighting relevant experience.
  • Examples previous work related to project cycle management, toolkits, manuals.
  • Confirmation that you are willing to sign up to ShelterBox’s Supplier Code of Conduct (available to view at:

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