Regional Accountant, Manila, Philippines At International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Closing date: Thursday, 17 August 2023

VN 136/2023

Regional Accountant

Manila (Global) Administrative Centre (MAC)


Open to Internal and External Candidates

Job classification : General Staff

Grade : G-6

Duty station : Manila (Global) Administrative Centre (MAC)

Location : Manila

Type of Appointment : Fixed term, one year with possibility of extension

Closing date : 17 Aug 2023

Duration of Assignment : Fixed term, one year with possibility of extension

Salary : Php 746,790.00 per annum net of taxes

Established in 1951, IOM is a Related Organization of the United Nations, and as the leading UN agency in the field of migration, works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment. Internal and external candidates are eligible to apply to this vacancy. For the purpose of the vacancy, internal candidates are considered as first-tier candidates.


Under the general supervision of the National Accounting Officer and the direct supervision of the Regional Accounting Supervisor, the incumbent will be accountable and responsible for the review of Missions’ accounts including but not limited to: general accounting work, checklist review, donor financial report review and endorsement, project review, month-end closing procedures. The successful candidate will provide integrated financial and accounting support and recommendation to Offices to ensure compliance with IOM’s overall accounting regulations, rules, policies and procedures.

Core Functions / Responsibilities

General Accounting Work

  •  Provide support and guidance to assigned Country Offices (CO) on accounting, financial and project matters (e.g. compliance with Accounting Procedures for IOM Field Offices, Project Development Handbook – Module 5, IPSAS and PRISM Financials, etc.).
  •  Assists in making recommendations to MAC Financial Services, Accounting Division (ACO), Regional Offices and/or Resource Management Officer (RMO)/Chief of Mission (COM) on both procedural and policy improvements and efficiencies in accounting/finance area.
  •  Evaluate Country Offices’ overall performance in the field of Finance and Resource Management, highlight critical issues noted and coordinate recommendation with the Regional Accounting Supervisor and RAS National Accounting Officer.
  •  Coordinate the timely collection of information and documents in connection with External, Donor and Internal audit and ACO requirements. Ensure to the extent possible that audits are completed quickly, efficiently and with the minimum impact on MAC and IOM.
  •  Provide checklist and project balance review results to Office of Inspector General (OIG) whenever applicable.
  •  Escalate any material findings and provide status to the RAS Supervisor, National Accounting Officer, MFS Chief, ACO, TSY or Regional Office (RO), as applicable.
  •  Review/analyze accounts, coordinate findings with offices, monitor office response and continuously follow-up unresolved issues until expected results are achieved.

Accounts Checklist Review

  •  Establish a yearly schedule and plan and coordinate with RAS Supervisor to ensure that assigned COs undergo accounts checklist reviews during the year and that minimum requirements for the number of reviews are met based on the risk profile.
  •  Review and analyze periodically the trial balance of assigned COs’ (i.e. bank/cash books, vendor accounts, purchase orders, assets, VAT, suspense accounts, etc.) and check accounting returns to ensure that accounts are valid, complete, fairly presented and comply with IOM’s established policies and procedures.
  •  Evaluate/identify exceptions, deviations, errors and critical issues noted during the review, summarize and communicate findings to relevant Finance, RMO and CoM.
  •  Recommend corrective actions to be taken in line with IOM policies and procedures to relevant Finance, RMO and CoM.
  •  Recommend improvement in internal controls and accounting practices based on IOM accounting policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and best business practices.
  •  Assess annually the performance of Offices and the related risk factors to determine the financial risk assessment of COs for the purpose of determining the level and frequency of review required for each CO.
  •  Ensure that checklist reviews are performed based on the annual plan and that minimum requirements for the number of reviews are met and timely coordinated.

Project Financial Report Review and Endorsement

  •  Review and analysis of project financial reports for assigned COs to ensure compliance with donor agreement (budget, interest, funding, etc.) and reports are reconciled with PRISM Financials prior to donor submission.
  •  Evaluate issues and risks identified in the review, summarize and coordinate with RMO, Finance staff or Project Manager. Before endorsement, ensure that all findings are resolved and deviations from IOM policies and procedures are properly coordinated with RAS Supervisors/RAS National Accounting Officer/MFS Chief and approved by ACO/DRM whenever applicable.
  •  Ensure timely endorsement of project financial reports received to ensure that reporting deadlines and requirements by Donors are satisfied.
  •  Provide guidance and assistance to COs on financial reporting requirements to donors if necessary (e.g. application of rules, calculation of interest).
  •  Calculate interest and provide certification for interest earned whenever applicable.
  •  Coordinate with other departments (MFS sub units, ROs, ACO, International Development Fund, etc.) to ensure conformity with specific donor reporting requirements.
  •  Ensure compliance with donor reporting checklist.
  •  Maintain statistics of donor financial reports received and endorsed.

Project Balance Review

  •  Provide periodic in-depth analysis of project balances for assigned COs to ensure that expenses are within confirmed funding, revenue is recognized timely, reporting requirements are met and projects with potential deficit are detected.
  •  Identify issues and evaluate risks/exposure noted during the review. Provide recommendation on the resolution of issues. Summarize findings and recommendations for coordination with CO, RO,
  •  Prism Central Support Team (PCST), Revenue and ACO as applicable for appropriate action.
  •  Facilitate closure of completed projects in PRISM.
  •  Update of project recap file for submission to ACO.

Month-End Closing Procedures

  •  Review and analyze month end balances of assigned COs to remind RMO/finance staff on the completion of month end procedures and coordinate exceptions noted.
  •  Monitor and assist in the clearance of suspense accounts and completeness of payroll posting.
  •  Provide guidance to COs on subjects related to closing of accounts and analyze issues and errors encountered by COs closure including coordination to relevant units.
  •  Facilitate COs request for extension of access and coordinate with Regional Accounting Supervisor.

Accounting Returns Validation

  •  Monitor timely receipt and completeness of accounting returns.
  •  Check monthly accounting returns of assigned COs to ensure compliance with established standards and coordinate exceptions noted with Offices.
  •  Input cash and bank data in PRISM to ensure complete and timely information as regards to cash and bank reconciliation status of Offices.


  •  Provide training to COs finance staff, newly hired Regional accountants and temporary staffs on IOM accounting and PRISM Financials as required.
  •  Travel to COs as may be required in the performance of assigned tasks.
  •  Provide assistance to PCST and PRISM Team on technical issues and enhancements in PRISM FI and HR.
  •  Ensure timely upload and completeness of endorsed financial report, Periodic Checklist Reviews and Project Reviews to Sharepoint.
  •  Perform other accounting functions as may be required.


  •  University degree in Accounting, Finance or Management from an accredited academic institution, with four (4) years of relevant professional in the field of accounting or finance.
  •  Must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or equivalent.


  •  Sound knowledge of accounting systems and/or SAP plus generally accepted accounting principles and internal controls.
  •  Experience in audit an advantage.
  •  Knowledge in accounting and financial reporting system of IOM is an advantage;
  •  Computer literacy including proficiency in MS Office applications;
  •  Good analytical and problem-solving skills.


For this position, fluency in English is required. Knowledge of a second official UN language is desirable.


Inclusion & respect for diversity

  •  Shows respect and sensitivity towards gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political conviction and other differences.
  •  Encourages the inclusion of all team members and stakeholders while demonstrating the ability to work constructively with people with different backgrounds and orientations.
  •  Promotes the benefits of diversity; values diverse points of view and demonstrate this in daily work and decision making.
  •  Challenges prejudice, biases and intolerance in the workplace.

Integrity & transparency

  •  Upholds and promotes the Standards of Conduct and Unified Staff Regulations and Rules.
  •  Delivers on commitments; manages the organization’s resources reliably and sustainably.
  •  Embraces and encourages transparency, balancing this with the need for discretion and confidentiality as appropriate.
  •  Maintains impartiality and takes prompt action in cases of unprofessional or unethical behaviour.
  •  Does not abuse one’s position and acts without consideration of personal gain. Is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns.


  •  Demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter and willingness to improve knowledge and skills.
  •  Seeks to raise professional standards in self and others through daily work and activities.
  •  Adapts quickly to change and is decisive and versatile in face of uncertainty.
  •  Shows self-control and persistence when faced with difficult problems, and remains calm in stressful situations.
  •  Is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results.

Core Competencies


  •  Proactively seeks responsibility in delivering towards the goals of the Organization.
  •  Plans and organizes work with a clear and deliberate focus, ensuring commitments are easily identified and progress is widely communicated.
  •  Stands by the actions of team or department, publicly accepting ownership.
  •  Takes responsibility of own shortcomings and those of the work unit, where applicable.


  •  Speaks and writes clearly and effectively.
  •  Seeks to share information with others, with due respect for diversity and the confidentiality of specific sensitive information.
  •  Listens and seeks to understand without bias, and responds appropriately.
  •  Shares information and keeps others up to date; actively seeks others’ views and ideas and respects their contribution.

Managing and sharing knowledge

  •  Disseminates and shares knowledge openly and actively contributes to knowledge/network communities for topics relevant to area of expertise.
  •  Encourages knowledge-sharing across units/departments and ensures that knowledge is captured, recorded and disseminated appropriately.
  •  Builds networks for the effective communication and exchange of knowledge and ideas and puts others into contact with various sources of knowledge.
  •  Contributes to an environment that is conducive to innovation and learning.


  •  Fosters a sense of team spirit by developing a shared understanding, accountability and enthusiasm for the team’s work.
  •  Displays a high level of cultural awareness, sensitivity to different ways of working and leverages individual strengths in order to build a better team.
  •  Shares credit for team accomplishments and ensures that the contribution of others is recognized.
  •  Helps create a positive team spirit, putting aside personal considerations to help the team achieve its goals.

Delivering results

  •  Produces high-quality results and workable solutions that meet clients’ needs.
  •  Anticipates constraints, identifies solutions and takes responsibility for addressing critical situations.
  •  Monitors own and others’ work in a systematic and effective way, ensuring required resources and outputs.
  •  Aligns projects with Organization’s mission and objectives and demonstrates a good understanding of the impact of team’s and own work on external and internal counterparts.

How to apply

Interested applicants may send their applications to no later than 17 Aug 2023. VN Number and Position Title (VN 136/2023 – Regional Accountant) should be specified in the SUBJECT field.

IOM welcomes applicants from qualified individuals, irrespective of their race, religion, skin, color, nationality, age, disability status, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family structure, mental health status, or any other characteristic.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Kindly note that this position is subject to funding availability.


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