Quality Assurance Assistant, Mogadishu, Somalia At Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Closing date: Saturday, 4 November 2023

Hardship Level (not applicable for home-based): E (most hardship)

Family Type (not applicable for home-based): Non Family with Residential Location

Staff Member / Affiliate Type: CONTR Local Entry and Mid-Level Support

Target Start Date: 2023-12-01

Job Posting End Date: November 4, 2023

Terms of Reference

General Background of Project or Assignment: Following a recommendation from HCT in 2022, that agencies should come up with an inter-agency complaint and feedback mechanism to mitigate aid diversion, UNHCR Somalia, given its expertise in operationalizing an Inter-agency Complaint and Feedback Mechanism, hereinafter ICFM, in other operations, decided to spearhead the venture to enhance the delivery of protection services in Somalia. The Somalia ICFM will comprehensively facilitate the systematization of procedures to gather, provide responses to the affected communities and monitor feedback in a structured manner. ICFM will deploy a \u2018call-centre’ modality, through a toll-free helpline, with a call-back option, through which all affected communities can access reliable information, provide responses, and receive feedback on the quality of services that UNHCR and its partners provide. All calls received through the helpline will be handled by a team of dedicated helpline agents who capture interactions in the helpline’s custom build CRM application. A project control staff is needed to ensure coherence of the information provided and referrals made. Somalia hosts over 36,000 refugees and asylum seekers. Cumulative figures for Somali refugee returnees are 137,320. As per 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overview, 7.7 million Somali women, men and children are estimated to require humanitarian assistance. The project will benefit all affected communities, i.e., refugees, stateless persons, returnees, IDPs and host community members. Occupational Safety and Health Considerations: To view occupational safety and health considerations for specific duty stations, please visit this link: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel Specific Occupational Safety and Health Considerations to this assignment (if applicable): General debrief sessions will be had with staff welfare personnel and staff can request a session with staff welfare personnel. Overall, Purpose and Scope of Assignment: Concise and detailed description of activities, including measurable outputs and delivery dates, impact indicators (what qualitative and quantitative results would be achieved upon completion of individual contract), performance indicators (timelines, value of the service rendered in relation to the cost, timeliness) and work plan: Under the guidance and supervision of the Associate Protection Officer responsible; candidate will be responsible for the following duties: \u2022\tPlace and receive calls daily from the affected population, including the host community. \u2022\tLog calls systematically into the system while adhering to the helpline call script, observing confidentiality, and ensuring that consent from the caller is sought before any escalation is made to any agency through the portal. \u2022\tRespond to requests for information, to be responded to by strictly following the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database provided to the agents and flag for feedback whenever information is not available. No agent is to give wrong information to a caller at any point. \u2022\tSubmit timely and clean data to the Supervisor for analysis, using the formats provided and in accordance with Key Performance Indicators \u2022\tCarry out data entry under the supervision of the Associate Protection Officer. \u2022\tReport to the Associate Protection Officer on any challenges for follow-up. \u2022\tMust be flexible, with the ability to work overtime and in shifts, per the operational requirements. \u2022\tSupport broader UNHCR efforts of providing Protection services with partners in Somalia i.e., Translation of materials, interpretation, providing feedback from agencies and counselling following guidance given. \u2022\tAttend all ICFM related trainings for the agent and be able to train Helpline Agents, including Code of Conduct and Protection \u2022\tTo flag issues of conflict of interest and risks that could affect the project from achieving its objective. \u2022\tMaintain confidentiality and not share any caller information with any outsider, not part of the project. \u2022\tDaily monitoring of calls (incoming and outgoing) to ensure quality of calls and principles of Protection are adhered to. \u2022\tProvide daily dashboard updates on trends and number of calls, referrals, loop closures. \u2022\tFollow up with service providers/ Focal points on management of calls and closing the loop in the ICFM tool. \u2022\tInform supervisor on referral gaps by service providers, in terms of areas and services within Somalia. \u2022\tServe notice before resigning and train new staff. \u2022\tPerform other related duties as required by a supervisor. Calls received will be monitored and therefore able to measure per staff how many calls are received, logged referred, information provided, and able to call back. Number of calls received/interactions with callers and attendance will be tracked in the portal and the dialer software and attendance/adherence to schedules and working time will be monitored by the program / project control, and Associate Protection Officer. Required level, qualifications and work experience: Level of responsibilities required (mark as appropriate) for individual contractors and fellows: Entry Level Support. Languages Required: Candidates must be able to demonstrate knowledge or fluency of more than 3 languages, per the below: Somali – Dir, Hawiye, Darood, Reewin; Mahaa (Northern Standard Somali) and Maay Somali, Benadiri Somali – Mushunguli and Kibajuni, Eyle and Awer; Gabooye, Tumaal and Yibir. Kiswahili and related dialects – Bravanese (also known as Chimwiini, Chimini, or Chimbalazi); Bajuni or Kibajuni; Unguja (standard Swahili); Kizigua spoken by the Zigua or Mushunguli. thiopian languages \u2013 Amharic, Oromo, Tigray Arabic and English

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CO-Digital analytics and performance reporting, DM-Data analysis, DM-Data Collection and Analysis, DM-Data interpretation, reporting and presentation, DM-Data Management, DM-Quantitative data analysis, IM-Information/knowledge sharing tools and platforms, IM-Statistics Analysis, IT-Back-end web developmentEducation


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Other information: This position doesn’t require a functional clearance


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