Protection Systems Program Coordinator At Save the Children


Within the Protection structure, the Protection and Violence Systems area contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the National Programs strategy, with respect to the spread of a culture of protection and the strengthening of protection systems including prevention, early detection, response and effective taking charge measures.

The strategic objectives of the area, with respect to the issue of Protection Systems, have as their focus: a ) the promotion of a Child Safeguarding culture at national level and the adoption by public and private realities, profit and non-profit of measures to protect and protect children and adolescents within their realities. b ) the training of professionals working in the care and education and of law enforcement and justice operators; c ) on the information and empowerment of parents, children and adolescents; d ) on the development and adoption ( or on the strengthening ) of integrated multi-agency approaches – where the same actors and their reference agencies, share a common vision of the phenomenon and operating methods useful for detecting and managing cases by integrating,different functions and skills – promoting and facilitating spaces for continuous discussion between different actors.

The Protection Systems Program Coordinator will help guide its strategy, ensure its quality, sustainability, scalability, visibility and impact, will represent it towards internal and external stakeholders**.** It will also guarantee the identification and adoption of good practices and innovative approaches in the thematic area of reference.


For the Protection Systems program, the Protection Systems Program Coordinator:

  • Guarantees / ensures, having the delegation of the Area Leader:
    • Impact and quality of the program;
    • Strategic development of the program;
    • Participation in national and international thematic groups.
  • It is the contact person thematic for the program towards donors, institutions and partners.
  • IS Responsible of:
    • Build design and / or capacity building proposals that guarantee the achievement of the strategic objectives of the program in line with quality standards;
    • Supervise the correct implementation of the thematic axis strategy and the correct use of the economic ones;
    • Manage the human resources of the thematic axis;
    • Develop a reproducible intervention model, or a scalable design methodology;
    • Manage relationships with program partners, and help develop territorial networks;
    • Manage integration with the other structures of the Italy Program and the various directorates of the organization, for the development of synergistic actions;
    • Represent the thematic axis in institutional contexts, events, seminars.
  • Participate / Support:
    • The design of new project proposals, ensuring the adoption of good practices and innovative approaches aimed at maximizing the impact of the interventions;
    • Development of advocacy and policy actions;
    • Design and implementation of the program evaluation plan.
    • Coordination of the thematic axis projects in the absence of the project managers


  • The thematic axis monitoring plan has been implemented
  • The network of actors relevant to the thematic axis has been expanded


  • Coordination of the thematic axis of competence guaranteed;
  • Financial and narrative reporting provided for supervised;
  • Guaranteed the development of the area’s strategic plan;


  • Degree in legal, economic or social disciplines
  • Experience of at least 7 years in a similar role in another organization
  • Excellent knowledge of the topic and of the main stakeholders involved in the reference sector in Italy
  • Excellent command in the use of the Office package and the main IT tools
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language, spoken and written


  • Excellent capacity for organizing, planning and managing human and financial resources
  • Strategic thinking and long-term vision
  • Excellent communication, relational and teamwork skills
  • Dynamism, proactive ability and orientation towards results


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