Procurement of communication services for the development of a digital social media communication campaign At International Organization for Migration

Request for Expression of Interest

For the procurement of communication services for the development of a digital social media communication campaign for the Nou Rasinn project – MU10.REI2022-07- Republication

Mission: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Office in Port Louis

Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

Context The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade and concerned stakeholders, are implementing a project entitled “Nou Rasinn: Look Forward, Give back” project, funded by the IOM Development Fund. This project aims at supporting the Government of Mauritius to engage with its diaspora and harness its valuable potential. Consequently, the youth diaspora will also have the opportunity to connect and contribute to their country of origin – Mauritius, in their relevant field of study/interest. The project hence aims to strengthen cultural and emotional ties of youth Mauritian volunteers with their country of origin and contribute to local/national development with the overarching goal being to build a strong exchange mechanism that will generate mutual benefits for both the Government of Mauritius and its diaspora by generating leads and interest of the Mauritian diaspora volunteers to willingly relocate to Mauritius and pursue a short-term volunteering assignment. As part of the project, a communication campaign is being developed and implemented to promote volunteering opportunities for youth of the diaspora and ensure a higher reach of the project. Purpose of the Services The design and implementation of the digital social media communication campaign will assist in forging closer links, build trust and most importantly engage the Mauritian diaspora and Mauritius, to enhance cooperation and empower diasporas as the future partners in the development process of the country.

Scope of the Services IOM is seeking the services of a Communication Agency/Institution/Expert to develop key messages, devise and implement a comprehensive and strategic digital social media communication campaign including photography and videography services. The digital campaign will be pre-dominantly targeted towards the Mauritian diaspora overseas and organizations interested in hosting a volunteer in Mauritius. The assignment will be undertaken under the overall supervision of the IOM Chief of Mission, and direct supervision of the IOM Communication Assistant and Programme Assistant. Creative ideas and suggestions for an impactful delivery of the messages are welcome. The Communication Agency/ Institution/Expert will be expected to perform the following tasks / activities: • Digital social media campaign • Develop key messages adapted to the target groups (information on target groups to be shared by IOM) • Design relevant, clear, concise, consistent and tailor-made digital campaign with high quality visuals, short videos and key messages • Develop content and conduct a digital campaign on IOM Mauritius FB page. The service provider will work with the IOM Team to produce various products to feed the campaign, within stipulated budgets and within set deadlines. • Share, boost (sponsored advertising) and monitor social media posts, in close coordination with IOM. • Provide photography and videography services for the above-mentioned project, which shall run in tandem with the broader communication digital campaign • Ensure that all participants appearing in the video sign IOM consent form (to be provided by the IOM) • Develop a storyboard, script and production plans for a short video clip showcasing the project, with English subtitles • Deliver all final photos, audio and videos files (including one clean version with no subtitles), consent forms as well as all raw footages to IOM. • The entire videos production, that is scripting/storyboard writing, filming or producing using existing video content relevant to the subject matter, editing, voice-over/audio-narration, subtitles, and licensed soundtrack edition should be done by the service provider, delivering a final product, ready for dissemination in optimized standards for screening and for online and social media upload. All communication materials taken during the campaign will be IOM’s property. Deliverables The service provider is expected to deliver the following: • One (1) digital social communication campaign plan tailored for all relevant social media platforms, to engage and inform the targeted audience, which shall be reviewed and cleared by IOM prior to implementation, including a breakdown of work and timelines and overview of stakeholders to be engaged.

• One (1) project video, of maximum three minutes’ duration, presenting the project and its activities (in MOV and MP4 formats). • High-resolution photos (soft copies) in .jpg, .png, photoshop format with all copyrights to IOM. • A minimum of 10 high quality visuals and multimedia products (including but not limited to photos, videos, posters, motion graphics amongst others), in GIF and MP4 format. • One (1) evaluation report at the end of the digital social media campaign. Communication materials are to be produced in English, French or Mauritian Creole, as agreed in advance with IOM, for each material. Timeline This assignment is expected to start tentatively in August 2022 and to be completed by March 2023, but the actual timeline is subject to change based on the date the agreement is signed between IOM and the Service Provider. Required Qualifications and Experience At least 5 years of experience as an agency with a portfolio of past experiences in managing successful digital media campaigns, photography and videography services. (Applications covering only one aspect of the services will not be considered).

How to apply

Interested service providers are invited to submit their applications by email to, mentioning the reference MU10.REI2022-07 in the subject line. For any queries, please contact IOM Communication officer at or 210 42 50. o A brief introduction of the institution, including recent/previous similar assignments o A letter of expression of interest which details the services that can be provided by the Agency/Institution/Expert (maximum five (5) pages). o An all-inclusive financial proposal for services, including details of all estimated costs for each deliverables. The deadline for submitting expression of interest packages is 05 July 2022 – republication. Service providers who have already sent their application to this REI need not apply again.

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