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Job objective:

The Management Agent / Monitor is in charge of ensuring the operational and daily operation of the care infrastructure, which implies accompaniment, and the logistical-operational articulation for the fulfillment of the actions foreseen by the multidisciplinary team, in compliance with the intervention plans of the target population.

She works under the supervision of the Coordinator ( a ) and the Project Manager, in collaboration with the other members of the multidisciplinary team for the correct implementation of actions framed in the project.

Among the skills you must possess to occupy the position are the following: active listening, being proactive, having initiative, creativity, teamwork skills and crisis response capacity.

About Cesvi

Cesvi is a secular and independent association founded in Italy in 1985 that works for global solidarity and the ideal of social justice through humanitarian development actions. The same name CESVI, Cooperazione e Sviluppo ( Cooperation and Development ), expresses its philosophy of action, based on promoting the role of its beneficiaries in favor of their own progress, so that international aid is not reduced to temporary charitable action, but promotes a true sustainable development of the most needy populations.

Cesvi in Venezuela

Since 2019, Cesvi has been working in Venezuela with initiatives in the field of protection of children and women in high vulnerability, including survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. Starting in 2021, Cesvi began to implement projects financed by the Country Humanitarian Fund in communities in Caracas.

During 2022-2024, Cesvi will implement the “ Multisectoral Humanitarian Assistance project to meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable people in Venezuela ”, which aims to strengthen the availability of protection services, primary health and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people and communities affected by the crisis.

To meet these objectives, the formation of a high-level technical team capable of giving effective responses to the populations served during case management is required; for that purpose, Cesvi is looking for Management Agent / Monitor to ensure the optimal and operational operation of the local care infrastructure, aimed at providing a timely and effective response to women at risk of protection, survivors of GBV, VSBG and children and adolescents.

Description of functions:

  • Ensure the organization and operational protection of the infrastructure ready for the development of the project.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations, regulations and decisions taken together, established for operational operation, emphasizing the protocol and conditions of assistance.
  • Participate in the elaboration of the intervention plan, especially in the development of activities related to care, together with the team.
  • Follow up, together with the substantive team, on the status and evolution of the people served and their family group.
  • Keep the documentation corresponding to its functions updated and organized.
  • Provide support and accompaniment to the people served and their sons and daughters, under the principles of confidentiality, harmless action and a person-centered approach.
  • Participate the Coordinator or Manager of the Project, any novelty, eventuality, situation, whether administrative, logistical or of any kind of interest, in the optimal development of operations.
  • Participate in periodic team meetings to socialize the evolution of each person and their family group.
  • Ensure regular compliance with activities in collaboration with the team.
  • Strictly comply with the confidentiality and proper handling of information about the people served.
  • Support the people served and their family group in understanding and respecting the names, protocols and other criteria established in the development of the project.
  • Prepare reports and fill out the necessary formats, linked to its functions.
  • Any other function linked to the position.


  • Comply with the process of entering and delivering the relevant kits to the people served, including registration, stock control and departures.
  • Ensure that the basic needs of the people served are fully met and ensure good care, promoting the culture of care and self-care of the people served.
  • Immediately attend crisis situations, with the support of the present team and immediately inform the Coordinator, according to the established mechanisms.
  • Ensure documentation of the project activities assigned to it, which includes means of verification, forms, attendance lists, methodologies and reports.
  • Write and send weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Participate in team and supervision meetings.
  • Participate in the processes of formation and exchange of experiences to which they are summoned
  • The other functions assigned to him by his immediate superior and that are related to the nature of the position.

Essential attributes


  • University degree ( preferential ) or having approved at least the courses equivalent to the seventh semester of a university degree in Social Work, Psychology or Social Sciences or pedagogy with experience in Human Rights, gender, VBG, human trafficking and protection of children and adolescents.

Knowledge and experience:

  • Minimum one year of experience working in activities to care for vulnerable people. Work in state institutions or experience with voluntary organizations is valued.
  • Experience in caring for survivors of VBG, VSBG and victims of trafficking is positively valued.
  • Knowledge on gender focus, survivor-centered and differential approach, VBG survivor case management, VBG care path and, the regulatory framework and institutional structure to fully support VSBG, VBG and Human Trafficking protection routes.
  • Experience in development and conducting training sessions on issues related to prevention and response for the protection of women, GBV and / or vulnerable people.
  • Experience with the development and implementation of group and community activities within the framework of projects aimed at vulnerable populations.
  • Knowledge in the use of case management tools ( forms for admission and evaluation and referral, follow-up reports, among others ).
  • Knowledge in the protection of children, adolescents and women.


  • Synthetic and structured written expression capacity.
  • Propositional and proactive attitude.
  • Capacity for self-employment
  • Ability to develop productive working relationships with colleagues, partners, local authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Solid Microsoft Office Package domain. ( It will be evaluated in technical test )
  • Management of information management tools on the web and computer domain.

Preferred attributes

  • Work experience in the humanitarian context.
  • Experience in the execution of activities in territories with complex contexts and limited resources.
  • Work experience in Zulia.
  • Knowledge of the project cycle.
  • Knowledge of the Humanitarian Structure in the country.

The position is exclusive for Venezuelan people or with valid documentation to work in the country.


  • Location: Falcón, Venezuela. Base in Choir.
  • Contract duration: Until May 31, 2024. 2 month trial period.
  • Expected start date: 10/02/2024

How to apply

Applicants must send:

or Updated curriculum vitae ( maximum three pages )

or Presentation letter, including salary expectation ( maximum two pages ).

To the address [email protected] with the object “Zulia base monitor”. Emails with objects or documents other than what is indicated will not be taken into account.

Applications close at 12.00 pm 09/22/2023.

Refrain from applying if your profile does not fit the essential attributes requested for this role. The shortlisted candidates will be called for a technical test.

For more information on Cesvi, see our website

Cesvi has a zero tolerance approach to any harm or exploitation of a vulnerable child or adult by any of our employees, related persons or partners.

Cesvi’s commitment to being a secure organization begins with the staff recruitment process, which includes meticulous checks, such as criminal background checks or verification of the disclosure of previous convictions, to ensure the protection of children and vulnerable people and to prevent abuse. Security controls are part of the performance of the selection process.

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