Leader of component of indigenous peoples and social and environmental safeguards, Bogota, Colombia At Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Leader of the component of indigenous peoples and social and environmental safeguards

Job Announcement : 28/Apr/2023

Date of cancellation of publication : 12/may/2023, 21:59:00

Organizational Unit : FLNIC

Type of position : Temporary work

Requisition Type: NPP (National Project Personnel)

Grade Level: N/A

Main location : Colombia-Bogota

Duration : 3 months trial period, renewable

Post Number : N/A

FAO strives for gender, geographic and linguistic diversity among its staff and international consultants, in order to best serve the Organization’s Member Nations in all regions.

  •  FAO is committed to achieving diversity in its workforce in terms of gender, nationality, origin and culture.
  •  Women, nationals of underrepresented or unrepresented Member States and people with disabilities who possess the necessary qualifications are encouraged to apply.
  •  All people who work for FAO are held to the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct and uphold FAO’s values.
  •  FAO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, has a policy of zero tolerance for conduct inconsistent with its statute, objectives and mandate, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination.
  •  All successful candidates will undergo rigorous background and reference checks.
  •  All requests will be treated in the strictest confidence.

organizational framework

FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which leads the international effort for a world free from hunger and malnutrition in which food and agriculture contribute to improving the living standards of all its inhabitants. , especially the poorest, in a sustainable way from the economic, social and environmental point of view. We work to contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and its global goals by promoting sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems to achieve better production, nutrition, environment and life.

The vacancy is located in Bogotá with trips to the project’s areas of action. The position belongs to the area of ​​Natural Resources and Governance.

hierarchical dependency

Under the general supervision of the FAO Representative in Colombia, the Program Officer, the technical supervision of the senior specialist in natural resources and governance and the direct supervision of the national project coordinator.

Field of specialization

The Leader of the component of indigenous peoples and social and environmental safeguards supports and is responsible for the different issues for the management of indigenous peoples and social and environmental safeguards, complying with FAO standards.

Tasks and responsibilities

  •  Lead the development of activities 3.1 “Strengthening of the implementation of REDD+ and forest governance in Ethnic Territories” and 3.2 “Empowerment and participation of indigenous women” defined in output 3 “Territorial governance and capacities of indigenous peoples strengthened to sustainable management and conservation of forests”.
  •  Follow up on the actions to be implemented related to the Environmental and Social Management Framework (MSMS), the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (PCAS), and the Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (MPPI) established for the Green Fund Project of the Climate Colombia, as well as the contributions made from it to the country’s Environmental and Social Safeguards Information System (SIS).
  •  Submit your work plan in FAO format, in accordance with the expected products of these terms of reference.
  •  Lead the implementation actions and technical assistance of Product 3 of the project “Territorial governance and capacities of indigenous peoples strengthened for the sustainable management and conservation of forests”, incorporating the gender approach, must work in close coordination with the leader of the Amazonian Indigenous Pillar of the Amazon Vision Program.
  •  Support and technically assist the Prior Consultation process of the Amazon Vision Program led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – MinAmbiente.
  •  Participate in meetings and support training and workshops for the correct performance of the activities related to Project safeguards under the EICDGB.
  •  Train and inform the project team on the operation and reporting of national safeguards in the Safeguards Information System – SIS, and the safeguards related to FAO and the GCF of the project in coordination with the indigenous peoples team of the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  •  Update the Project’s Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (PCAS) and the Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (MPPI) based on the first project implementation actions in the area of ​​influence and lead and ensure its application in accordance with the FAO and country guidelines and in close coordination with the leader of the Amazon Indigenous Pillar of the Amazon Vision Program.
  •  Lead and coordinate the socialization and training on the application of the Project’s Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (PCAS) within the framework of the Prior Consultation process of the Amazon Vision Program led by the Ministry of Environment, as well as the Free Prior Informed Consent process ( CPLI) that will accompany FAO throughout the implementation period.
  •  Develop the implementation process of the mechanism for addressing and respecting the safeguards for the project and their respective reports.
  •  Accompany and technically guide the timely response mechanism to concerns or questions presented by relevant stakeholders through the Complaints, Claims and Conflict Resolution Mechanism (MQRC) as well as the citizen service system established by MinAmbiente and its Amazon Vision Program.
  •  Accompany the dissemination of the citizen service mechanism of the Amazon Vision Program, as well as the project’s complaints, claims and conflict resolution mechanism (MQRC), in an efficient and appropriate manner, and ensure that the resolution of the concerns expressed by the beneficiaries is given within the times and procedures indicated in the MGAS, SIS of the Project and the Comprehensive Strategy for Control of Deforestation and Forest Management (EICDGB).
  •  Document and leave traceability of complaints, claims and resolution of conflicts addressed and solution proposals.
  •  Participate and provide technical guidelines in the Internal Committee for Social and Environmental Safeguards of the Ministry of the Environment, regarding the issues that can be addressed in said meetings (eg updating, operational improvements and start-up of the SIS for field implementation and reporting of the project in line with the EICDGB.
  •  Contribute from the project to the generation of the Summaries of Information on Safeguards (RIS) that the Colombian government reports in the framework of addressing and respecting the Cancun Safeguards.
  •  Support the preparation of progress reports, indicator reports or others committed by the country within the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) with information related to the project, and according to the guidelines established by FAO and the MinAmbiente.
  •  Prepare, monitor, generate alerts and the periodic report of the execution of activities established in the Logical Framework Matrix (MML) and the Annual Operating Plans (POA) for product 3 with their respective activities.
  •  Provide technical contributions and support in the preparation of project reports to partners, donors, counterparts and FAO (eg APR, steering committees, etc.)
  •  Support the implementation of community forest management initiatives that will be implemented with indigenous communities within the framework of output 2 of the project.
  •  Accompany the design of intercultural tools and instruments to incorporate the aspects of the differential approaches of gender and indigenous peoples, and integrate the social aspects in the different lines of work of the Project both in relation to the technical elements.
  •  Provide substantive technical inputs on social, gender and indigenous peoples aspects for inclusion in the strategic and operational documents of the Project.
  •  Ensure the incorporation of the differential approach (gender, ethnic and age) with a focus on indigenous youth, in all stages of design, execution and monitoring of project initiatives and interventions carried out in the territory; The incorporation of the gender approach will be carried out in close coordination with the professional specialized in gender of the project.
  •  Coordinate calls for the allocation of resources to indigenous projects that are presented following the guidelines of the Indigenous Pillar of the Amazon Vision Program (PIVA).
  •  Carry out knowledge exchanges between the different indigenous projects (face-to-face/virtual), according to the context conditions in the territory.
  •  Coordinate the preparation of technical reports, terms of reference, reports, presentations and any other document required as technical support that is necessary in the framework of the implementation of the Project, considering aspects of gender and indigenous peoples.
  •  Accompany the closing and liquidation process for the component in charge, complying with the procedures and administrative procedures required for it.
  •  Maintain a close relationship with the administrative area of ​​the project in order to guarantee the development of the activities during the implementation and the effective closing of the Operational and Administrative activities of the project.
  •  Carry out follow-up visits to the field that are required following all biosecurity and security measures.
  •  Carry out its activities, in accordance with the parameters and guidelines established by FAO.
  •  Call the necessary meetings with the counterparties, as well as attend those that are called for the delivery and settlement of the component.
  •  Write, document and present reports on the results of the execution of the planned activities.
  •  Facilitate the documentation and systematization of strategic experiences of FAO.
  •  Generate technical products that contribute to communications products.
  •  Disseminate and promote practices that contribute to closing the inequality gaps for women, complying with the FAO gender equality policy.
  •  Any other work related to the topic in charge that is required by the coordination of the project, which is related to the nature of the position.
  •  Promptly fill out the position delivery certificate at the time of withdrawal from the organization and in case of exercising supervisory functions, follow up on the correct delivery of the position of the personnel in charge.


Minimum requirements

  •  Professional in sociology, anthropology, political science or related areas, with postgraduate studies in related areas and/or biological, environmental or pedagogy.
  •  Minimum seven (7) years of specific experience in the application of environmental and/or social management frameworks with indigenous communities (Colombia) and in the development of methodologies in social and/or community participation.
  •  Practical knowledge of Spanish (level C) spoken and written.
  •  Colombian nationality.

FAO Core Competencies

  •  Results-based approach
  •  Teamwork
  •  Communication
  •  Building Effective Relationships
  •  Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement

Technical/functional skills

  •  Extensive professional experience in coordination and/or management of projects related to the conservation of protected areas, sustainable management of natural resources, preferably financed by international cooperation, with multilateral organizations.
  •  Extensive experience working with multidisciplinary and multicultural groups. Specific previous experience with indigenous peoples of the Colombian Amazon or being part of Indigenous Peoples will be valued.
  •  Knowledge and experience of results-based project planning and management.
  •  Skills in coordination, leadership and project management.
  •  Proven ability to establish dialogue and consultation relationships with central government institutions, local governments and civil society organizations.
  •  Ability to write texts and written documents, as well as oral communication and good interpersonal relationships.
  •  Sensitivity to work with ethnic and peasant organizations and communities, territorial authorities, among others.
  •  Good working relationships with State personnel and entities, as well as an understanding of the nature of the Public Servant.
  •  Knowledge and experience in processes of Prior Consultation (CP) or Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).
  •  Management skills for articulation with regional, local and national actors, public and private.
  •  Ability to work in a team, good interpersonal relationships and assertive communication skills.
  •  Basic management of computer tools.
  •  Ability to work in a team and establish networks and alliances.
  •  Leadership, initiative, creativity, responsibility and flexibility.
  •  Recognized capacity for the elaboration and development of work plans.
  •  Ability to act at all times with extreme discretion regarding the documents, information and materials of the United Nations.
  •  Permanent attitude and behavior of cordiality, composure, respect and collaboration with all the people and organizations with whom he interacts.


  •  FAO does not charge fees at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview, processing).
  •  Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you need help or have questions, please contact: Careers@fao.org
  •  Applications received after the application submission deadline has expired will not be accepted.
  •  We inform you that FAO will only consider degrees or academic credentials obtained at an educational institution included in the World Database on Higher Education, which is a list maintained by the International Association of Universities (IAU)/UNESCO. The list can be consulted at: www.whed.net/
  •  For all other questions visit the FAO employment website: http://www.fao.org/employment/home/en/ .

It is noted that all candidates should adhere to the Organization’s values ​​of commitment to FAO, respect for all, and integrity and transparency.


  •  If you would like to apply, go to the FAO recruitment website ( Jobs at FAO) and complete your online profile.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only applications received through the recruitment portal will be considered.
  •  We advise candidates to apply well in advance of the deadline.
  •  If you need help, contact: Careers@fao.org.




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