ERP Software Infrastructure Modules for the Nuru Nigeria Programs At Nuru Nigeria

Nuru equips local leaders with tools and knowledge to lead their communities out of extreme poverty by integrating impact programs that address the most prevalent and fundamental challenges of extreme poverty around four areas of need:

  • Experience 5 years
  • Location Not specified


It is expected that the company demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Software and application development
  • Ability to customise existing software to provide a unique solution to a new field.
  • Deployment of solutions addressing corporate process
  • Website Design, Development and integration of existing site and database with the modules of the software to be developed.
  • Mobile App Creation (iOS & Android)
  • Graphic Design & Print Services
  • Online payment software integrations
  • Copywriting services
  • Educational, Administrative & Information Systems
  • IT Support Solutions
  • Furthermore, the provider should have physical presence in Nigeria to address and resolve issues as they arise as quickly as possible.

The contractor is required to have:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in SOFTWARE AND APPLICATIONS development.
  • Knowledge and experience of dynamic website development by making use of innovative technologies and applications.
  • Knowledge of ERP systems development from scratch is required.
  • Knowledge and experience in web tools like PHP,ASP.Net, MYSQL, sqlServer,
  • Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, API development and frameworks is highly recommended.
  • Excellent communication skills and the capacity to be responsive to changing needs and requirements as communicated by the Nuru Nigeria team.
  • The service provider of choice should be a duly registered IT company with physical operational service centre in Nigeria with track records of prior success
  • in deployment of similar infrastructure to other clients. Having an office in Yola will be an added advantage.

The working language is English. All documentation and reporting on the project should be in English. The core technical personnel shall be fluent in speaking and writing in English.

Deliverable shall be reported on monthly basis in addition to submission of a separate report that will be reviewed and approved by Nuru Nigeria before payment. A Final
Report providing technical guidelines on software architecture, documentations, coding and maintenance for the Nuru Nigeria ICT infrastructure will be submitted to Nuru Nigeria at the end of the contract.

All reports should be written in English and should be sent to the Finance and Admin Manager in electronic format. The Finance and Admin Manager will review reports, monitor project progress and provide comments/take actions, as necessary.

Ssubmission of Proposals

The bidders are requested to submit a proposal including the following documentation:

A statement specifying the agreement with the earlier-mentioned Software Modules Deliverable and deviation suggestions if any;

  • The number and qualifications of experts (with relevant documents) to be assigned to this project.
  • A time schedule for the activities and deliverable, compliant with ddeliverable and ttimings.
  • A referral list of at least three relevant projects or consulting services
  • –including the clients’ contact detailsand a portfolio associated.
  • A quotation of price in Nigeria Currency (Naira); this shall cover all costs involved to perform the deliverable specified in this Terms of Reference with
  • the highest standard of quality and accuracy, including:
  • Experts work/time and fees

Local travels (if any)

  • Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) & terminals (if any)
  • Insurance and security costs (if any)
  • Cost of material and miscellaneous (if any)

Ccontracting Conditions
The contract will be on a fixed-price basis. However, each phase will be conditioned on the success of the previous phase carried out.

See the complete Terms of Reference on Google Drive Here

Method of Application

See the complete Terms of Reference on Google Drive Here

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