Director, Multi Country Office (UN Global Pulse Head of Finland/Europe Office) at UNOPS

Application deadline: 4 September 2022

Duty Station: Helsinki, Finland

Contract level: P5

  • * Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!!!
  • UNOPS offers flexible working arrangements including the opportunity of remote working. Formal long term remote work at another duty station can be authorized on a no-cost basis, depending on business needs and the role’s requirements. Extended remote working can affect how benefits and entitlements are calculated.

Functional Responsibilities:

To achieve its goals, UNGP is recruiting a Head of Europe office based in Helsinki, Finland. The role contributes to i) UNGP’s leadership team; ii) the management of the regional office; iii) UNGP representation in Finland and the region; iv) UNGP/UN coordination, security focal point and staff welfare.

UNGP launched a new strategy and operating model in 2022. In addition to driving the UN Secretary General’s innovation agenda, UNGP plays a key role in supporting the implementation of Our Common Agenda and transforming the UN in to ‘UN 2.0’ – an organization better placed to tackle the complex challenges of the 21st Century. The Head of Europe office will play a key leadership role in implementing the strategy and operating model, supporting the commitments of Our Common Agenda, and modelling UNGP as ‘UN 2.0’.

The incumbent will be a role model for, and drive culture / behaviour change which reflects both an agile and responsive innovation office, as well as the aspirations of ‘UN 2.0’: a transformed UN which is better equipped to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century. Regional heads of office are ‘Ambassadors for Change’, promoting a culture of innovation and transformation.

The role requires experience in managing innovation and digital development/transformation; strong organizational and people management skills; solid UN experience and a very good understanding of the UN’s role and mandates. It requires regular interaction with UN headquarters staff, country/regional directors of UN agencies, and with UN Resident Coordinators/UN Country Teams.

The ability to build, maintain and improve relationships and partnerships is critical to this role. At the national, regional and global levels, the role will support expanding and strengthening UNGP’s shared value partnerships with UN agencies, Member States, academia/think tanks, NGOs/CSOs and the private sector.

The Head of Europe office will promote the continuous improvement of:

  • The role and function of the team and office;
  • The way in which teams collaborate across the network;
  • Cross team, border and regional sharing of knowledge; and
  • The capacity and skills of the UNGP network to function as the UNSG’s cross pillar hub for experimentation and digital transformation.

The ideal candidate will be driven by values, be people-centred, and seek to improve UN processes in order to drive greater and faster impact. The ideal candidate is able to orientate individuals, teams and a network in a way that accelerates UNGP in achieving a UN family that shapes responsible and inclusive digital innovation to serve people, advances their sustainable development, and protects the planet. The Head of Europe office will play a pivotal role in UNGP’s transformation to a more performance, results and impact-driven organization.

The role is based in Helsinki, Finland. Occasional travel and field missions will be required.

The incumbent will work under the supervision of the Deputy Director and execute the following duties:

  • Leadership Team / Strategic Direction
  • Management & Coordination
  • Representation
  • Security, Welfare & Wellbeing

Leadership Team / Strategic Direction

  • Provide leadership and strategic direction to staff, office and partners.
  • Participate and contribute to UNGP’s Leadership Team seeking to continuously improve UNGP Leadership as a service to the UNGP Network.
  • Act as the focal point with UNOPS NYSC on all UNGP implementation matters.
  • Provide guidance, expertise and experience to programmatic, capability and operational teams/staff to further the implementation of the UNGP ToR and Strategy, while maintaining continuous improvement in support of organizational excellence and world-class performance.
  • Keep UNGP leadership informed/advised on opportunities, challenges and risks. Regularly identify, update and report on operational risks associated with delivery to senior UNGP management.
  • Act as lead secretariat role for office/region to facilitate UNGP governance boards/committees.


  • Act as the UNGP focal point for donors in the region. Maintain, promote and evolve UNGP’s donor partnerships. Ensure donors and partners in the region are regularly updated on UNGP activities, results and impact.
  • Utilize UNGP results and impact to influence the decisions, behaviours and outcomes of UNGP partners including policies and frameworks for innovation and digital development.
  • Where applicable, represent UNGP in the UN Country Team (UNCT) / UN Coordination Group. Contribute, collaborate and influence UN programming and advocacy, promoting joint UN initiatives as far as possible.
  • Maintain regular contact with relevant UN Resident Coordinators, keeping the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office up to date on UNGP activities, results and outcomes. Contribute to and report progress on the implementation of UNSDCF where applicable.
  • Regularly assess and report to UNGP leadership on the needs of collaborating member states and other partners, particularly on developments which may impact on the mission and reputation of UNGP / the wider UN.
  • Working with the Partnerships Specialist, build and strengthen strategic partnerships in the geographical area through active networking, advocacy and effective communication of UNGP’s work and results.
  • Report directly to the UNGP Director when necessary in matters relating to inter alia representation, donor liaison, UN coordination and partnerships.
  • Represent UNGP in external meetings and forums, promoting UNGP and the UN where possible. Represent UNGP in inter-agency meetings as required.
  • Carry out other representational duties as required.

Management & Coordination

  • Promote teamwork and collaboration by providing timely guidance and supervision to the Regional team to enable them to perform their duties responsibly, effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure internal performance and quality management for the office, including tracking, monitoring and reporting on project delivery and finance/budgets.
  • Support the Regional office to establish direction, workplans and manage priorities. Oversee and support the implementation of activities, projects, capabilities and annual work plans.
  • Ensure the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learnt for UNGP, the UN and national and regional partners.
  • Share knowledge with peers across the UNGP network to ensure coordinated delivery of projects, activities and services.
  • Support the Regional office to establish annual objectives and targets, performance measurements and standards which help ensure timely and partner-oriented services.
  • Guide, oversee and endorse project proposal development, activity/experiment/project agreements.
  • Regularly plan and propose to the UNGP Deputy Director the required allocation of resources (human, financial and administrative) to achieve UNGP’s workplan, goals and mission.
  • Support decision-making on finance, procurement and HR in line with UN rules and policies.
  • Manage overall HSSE performance and reporting in the office fulfilling UN corporate requirements and obligations.
  • Carry out other management and coordination activities as required.

Security, Welfare & Wellbeing

  • Create, foster and promote a role model culture of trust, transparency, empowerment and accountability within the office.
  • Create, foster and promote a culture of respect and zero tolerance for discrimination, abuse of authority, bullying, harassment, poor professional conduct, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation. Ensure accountability mechanisms are in place and perform duties in accordance with UN/UNOPS policies, standards and commitments.
  • Act as the office focal point for Diversity & Inclusion. Plan, recruit, manage and develop a flexible and diverse workforce with the skills and competencies needed to ensure optimum performance.
  • Oversee, monitor and direct appropriate measures to maintain the safety and security of personnel, assets, property and information.
  • Act as, and/or support the UN country Designated Official, where applicable.
  • Ensure all regional people managers have required support systems to lead their teams sustainably and professionally.
  • Provide mentorship to office staff for skills and career development.
  • Ensure duty of care. Lead ESG monitoring & reporting.

Impact of Results

UNGP Leadership will improve the way UNGP works; enhance the reputation of UNGP and of the UN; and increase the impact of innovation. Good UNGP leadership will improve the results and impacts of UN innovation and progress digital transformation and the journey of the UN family to ‘UN 2.0’. The impact will also be felt in an improvement of wider innovation initiatives of the UN and of its development partners.


  • An advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) is required.
  • A first level university degree (Bachelor’s degree) with an additional two years of relevant experience may be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree.

Experience: Required:

  • At least 10 years of experience in one or more of the following areas: management, innovation, digital technology, humanitarian response, development, peacebuilding, research, or another related field.

The following experience is desirable. Candidates who do not have experience in these areas are welcome to apply:

  • The management of digital development and innovation. Experience in innovation think tanks and/or innovation accelerators.
  • A proven track record in building, developing and managing teams or organizations.
  • Translating vision and strategy in to workplans, initiatives, projects, actions and activities.
  • Experience leading/managing organizational change.
  • Experience of UN coordination.
  • Experience in UN processes in HR, procurement, financial & budget management, oversight, ethics and compliance,
  • Experience working in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English (read, write, speak) is required.
  • Fluency in French and Finnish is desirable.
  • Knowledge of another United Nations official language is an asset.

How to apply

The interested candidates need to submit their application on or before 4 September 2022 through our job portal following link below. Please find more information on how to apply on our UNOPS Jobs portal, here. Find here more details about Staff contract modality.

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