Consultancy Service to Technological Maintenance of the GBV Sexual Assault Referral Call Centre and Virtual Response Services at Neem Foundation

Neem Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded as a direct response to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. The Foundation was established under Nigerian law in January 2016 and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are committed to improving the lives of those affected by the insurgency and preventing violence through building inclusive communities and providing and raising the standards of psychosocial care. Neem Foundation staff can boast of over 30 years cumulative staff experience in psychosocial support, and have extensive training and experience in P/CVE, community engagement, intelligence, social media monitoring, strategic communication, and project cycle management. We believe in a broad-based, multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary approach and will work to raise awareness on P/CVE, build the capacity of key actors, and encourage a collaborative approach that involves youth, women, traditional leaders, religious leaders, civil society, academics, security services, and government institutions at state and federal level. Neem Foundation intends to provide world class services to its target audiences.

Key Deliverables

  • To provide toll-free telecom service to individuals affected by violence seeking support and information.
  • To facilitate crisis and non-crisis intervention through referral to the appropriate agencies such as police, hospitals, ambulance services and other relevant units.
  • To establish a system/framework where information about appropriate support services, government schemes and programmes would be made available to the individuals affected by violence.
  • To create a user interface that is user-friendly with complete Case Log Documentation that includes all incoming and outgoing voice, video, and print communication.
  • Provisions for secrecy and confidentiality must be ensured.
  • The consultant will be responsible for the recruitment, engagement, and remuneration of caseworkers to support the day-to-day service provision of the call centre.

Neem Foundation expects the selected agency to deliver high standards of services. The agency should submit a detailed work plan in their technical proposal to facilitate the delivery of best-in-
class services.
Neem Foundation reserves the right to check/monitor/ evaluate the services of the selected agency periodically or at any point during the project duration.

Finfd the complete RFQ on Google Drive Here

Method of Application

Email the below sets of documents as one attachment:
Profile of the Bidder/vendor
Tax Identification Number
Certificate of Incorporation – Corporate Affairs Commission
Two reference letters from contracts executed
All documents should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF formats to

Finfd the complete RFQ on Google Drive Here

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