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Fox News Rehires Trey Gowdy Back

Fox News Rehires Trey Gowdy Back

Fox News Rehires Trey Gowdy Back, Trey Gowdy was hired by president Trump to join his legal team to help fight impeachment a while back but never officially joined the team.

However Trey’s announcement righted the ship as the first weeks of the drama were rocky and it signaled that Trump was going to get serious and fight back. But federal lobbying rules mandated that Gowdy couldn’t take the job until January 2020.

Now He had to give up his Fox News gig to make the move which he did. But after the Dems impeachment has imploded and the GOP in the Senate have said Trump will be acquitted in short order, Trey is back at Fox News.


Following Report From The Washington Examiner: Former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy has rejoined Fox News as a contributor following his attempt to join President Trump’s legal team.


Now A network representative confirmed his return, which was first reported by Annie Karni of the New York Times, and it comes only two months after the two went different ways.

However The network initially terminated their relationship with the former South Carolina representative in October after it became clear that he was planning on joining the president’s outside counsel during the impeachment investigation.

Also Despite his return to the legal profession after the midterm elections in 2018, federal law prevents Gowdy, 55, from taking on Trump as a client in the impeachment fight until Jan. 3, 2020.

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Fox News Rehires Trey Gowdy Back.


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