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Bishop Believes Coronavirus is “a Sign from God” and Proof that “Science is always Precarious”, then Dies of it

(BREAKING WIDE) -- Bishop Believes Coronavirus is "a Sign from God" and Proof that "Science is always Precarious", then Dies of it

(BREAKING WIDE) — Bishop believes coronavirus is “a sign from God” and proof that “science is always precarious”, then dies of it.

Faith has led many downplay the dangers pose by the novel coronavirus, the pandemic (COVID-19) is caused by a new strain of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that has not been previously identified in humans.

Henrique Soares da Costa, a Brazilian Roman Catholic bishop hospitalized with critical COVID-19 condition since the 4th of July, died Saturday at the Memorial Hospital São José, in Recife.

Bishop believes coronavirus is “a sign from God” and proof that “science is always precarious”

In a recent video, Dom Henrique stated that the coronavirus is “a sign of God” and that “science is always precarious”. Two days ago, his respiratory condition worsened and he needed to be intubated.

Through social networks, the Archdiocese of Maceió mourned his death and warned that the exequial mass will only have the presence of priests, deacons and family members “in view of the pandemic period”.


In 2018, Costa campaigned for Bolsonaro, without directly mentioning his name, but repeating the subject’s moralistic litany. He argued that, in the case of a Christian, “he should never vote for those who defend values ​​contrary to faith: abortion, dissolution of the family, gender ideology, aberrant sex education in schools, secularism and so on.”

“The war against Christianity is clear, heavy and methodical. You can’t play with that. Today, it is our greatest urgency. ” According to him, one should “pay close attention to the issue of corruption”. He also opened up a war against the Back Door over the Christmas special portraying Jesus Christ as a homosexual.

He accused humorists of “neo-paganism” and called for a boycott.

“In the middle of preparing for the Lord’s Christmas, Netflix slapped all Christians in the face; spat in our face, mocking our faith, ”he wrote on Facebook. “Freedom of speech is an excuse when someone hides behind this concept to attack what is sacred, holy and precious to others,” he said.

Catholic news agency points out that more than nine Catholic bishops have been lost to the novel coronavirus disease.


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