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Witness drops THOR’S HAMMER in Michigan State Legislature Hearing

Witness drops Thor's  Hammer in Michigan State Legislature Hearing

(BREAKING WIDE) – Witness drops Thor’s  Hammer in Michigan State Legislature Hearing. During the hearing a poll challenger dropped bombshell on how her senior officials manipulated the election by allowing illegal ballots.

Here is her testimony:

So I was a poll challenger at the TCF Center on Monday November 2nd 3rd and 4th, on November 4th early in the morning I was standing at the adjudication table and a ballot  came across the screen, the ballot had a straight party ticket vote for both the Democrat and the Republican it was a filled in circle which is Intentional marks, it’s not a dash, it’s not a dot.

When the ballot came across the screen, there was no other marks and of the judges and none of the other ballot proposals have been voted on. The poll workers said, I think I’m going to give it to the Democrats. This absolutely absurd, that is illegal.


Witness drops Thor’s  Hammer in Michigan State Legislature Hearing

The vote should have been tossed out, at that moment i said I’m going to challenge this, so I go get her supervisor and then her supervisor diverse to her and says, what do you think and I’m like, what do you think? It doesn’t matter what you think, It’s the law, our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts are totally irrelevant. You follow the law and that ballot is to be tossed out but she wanted to give it to the Democrats.

So then I go get the gentleman who was overseeing the entire absentee ballot counting process while Daniel Baxter was gone. So this gentleman’s name, I do not know, I go get him. He’s overseeing the entire process while Daniel Baxter’s gone. I ask him. He says to the girl, what do you think? It was disgusting, I was enraged and I simply asked the question. I said, well why not give it to the Republican instead of the Democrats, the gentleman began screaming at me, began yelling at me again telling me that I had no right to talk to her and he told her to push the ballot through.



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