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Watch Whoopi goldberg Puts Hillary On Biden’s Ticket

Watch Whoopi goldberg Puts Hillary On Biden's Ticket

Watch Whoopi goldberg Puts Hillary On Biden’s Ticket.

While Joe Biden appears to appear to be a possible Democratic presidential candidate, “The View” co-hosts debated who Joe Biden should pick as his running mate.

Whoopi Goldberg indicated that Hillary Clinton is who Biden would pick because of “all the backlash” though he might not.

According to Whoopi goldberg

The person who really is qualified to do it, and he cannot pick her, Hillary Clinton.


For VP, i’m just saying because in terms of qualifications, she is, she would be brilliant, but because of all of the backlash…was it you or you who said I ought to watch the Hillary documentary?

Sunny Hostin: I just finished watching it and it is spectacular.

Meghan McCain: It was intense. It was intense.

Take a look


Also reports coming in now that, a commercial by 2020 Democratic nominee front runner Joe Biden has earned the Washington Post’s worst possible reality ranking of “four pinocchios.”

In the ad, Trump says “coronavirus,” followed by “this is their new hoax.”

However, as the Wapo piece explains, the Biden campaign eliminated over 120 words in between to create this narrative.

President Trump was referring to the politicization of coronavirus a “hoax,” not calling the virus itself a hoax. READ MORE HERE…

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Watch Whoopi goldberg Puts Hillary On Biden’s Ticket


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