Watch James Comey Finally Breaks Down ” Admits He was Wrong”


Watch James Comey Finally Breaks Down ” Admits He was Wrong” Former FBI Director James Comey had an interview on Fox News Sunday and boy did he look like a fool.

Well If you remember earlier in the week James Comey took a victory lap claiming the Inspector Generals report vindicated him.

He wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post and posted it on his twitter saying, “So it was all lies. No treason. No spying on the campaign. No tapping Trump’s wires. It was just good people trying to protect America.”

Comey wrote:


But most important, Horowitz’s report found that the investigation was opened and conducted according to the rules, finding no “evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced [the] decision” to start it or how to run it.

Those of us who knew that truth had to remain silent while a torrent of smears and falsehoods flowed from the White House, from some congressional committee chairmen, the attorney general and Fox News personalities.”

Now, the wait is over, and those who smeared the FBI are due for an accounting.

In particular, Attorney General William P. Barr owes the institution he leads, and the American people, an acknowledgment of the truth.”


But, boy can a lot happen in seven days!

However So Chris Wallace decided to ask Mr. Comey if he still feels vindicated. Comey finally admitted that “He’s [Horowitz] right, I was wrong.”

Comey claimed that he was “overconfident as director in our procedures” and admitted what he did was unacceptable.”

Also Wallace also blamed Comey for minimizing the unreliability of the now-famous “Steele Dossier.”


As you’ll see Comey played dumb and stated it was the “sub source” who was the problem, not Steele.

 Now Here’s where Comey finally admits he was wrong.

Futhermore If you can stomach it here’s the entire video.

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Watch James Comey Finally Breaks Down ” Admits He was Wrong”.

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