Watch How Kalama Harris Reacted When Trump Won The 2016 Election


Watch How Kalama Harris Reacted When Trump Won The 2016 Election, on Friday Sen. Kamala Harris  presidential campaign shared a video of her addressing staff the night President Trump won the 2016 election.

Now In these video, shared on Twitter, Harris tells the story of how her godson, Alexander, came to her crying, earlier that evening on November 9, 2016, telling her through tears “I don’t want Donald Trump to win.

now Did he win?” Harris then described the situation as “sh–” and told her staffers that they’ll need to prepare for a fight.

“And he’s crying, and so the tears of joy we shed when we elected Barack Obama, and then my little godson’s tears tonight cuz we might have elected Donald Trump, this is some shit.


And so once again, our team, I think, will have to do what we always do, which is be prepared to fight,” Harris said.

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“It’s a different kind of campaign. It’s not to win an office, but it’s gonna be a campaign to fight for everything that motivated us to run for this office in the first place.

Because I think there is no question that everything that we have been talking about in terms of everything from criminal justice reform to climate change to immigration – this shit is now really on the line,” Harris said.

Now As a candidate, Harris has been a vocal critic of the president. Throughout her campaign, she’s pushed for immigration reform and climate change action, and has touted her record as a prosecutor, suggesting that she is uniquely qualified to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.


The California senator saw a brief surge in Democratic polls in June after confronting frontrunner Joe Biden about his past stance on busing.

She’s currently in fifth place nationally, according to the RealClearPolitics average. Her campaign has been struggling since prompting her to lay off some of her staffers and redeploy others.

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