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Watch CNN Analyst Admits Trump Schooled Democrats

Watch CNN Analyst Admits Trump Schooled Democrats

Watch CNN Analyst Admits Trump Schooled Democrats,  Poor CNN they were really sad today, especially when CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin who once said President Trump would never make it through his first term admitted Trump has already won impeachment.

Now All-day Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee debated the two articles of impeachment against the President. As we all know the Democrats believe the President abused power in his phone call with the head of Ukraine.

But, thanks to a report released on Wednesday we’ve learned that Ambassador Sondland lied during his public hearing earlier this month.

However During a recess, CNN cut to their panel and Toobin’s analysis is that the President got several wins throughout the hearing.

Aldo “What struck me about this hearing was how President Donald Trump, in a way, has already won,” said Toobin. “How much did we hear about Hunter Biden? Over and over again, about Hunter Biden. That’s what the Republicans are talking about constantly.”


He added, “There are questions about Hunter Biden’s behavior, and so, I mean, this incredible shift of emphasis.”

As we speak “It’s going to be a real challenge for us as journalists to decide how much to follow along with this, but the idea that we are sitting here debating … the impeachment of the President of the United States and over and over again we get all these questions about the behavior of Hunter Biden … and I just don’t know what our responsibility is as journalists because it’s not the point, but this is the news,” he said.

Furthermore In laymen terms, Toobin is saying: These damn Republicans are forcing us to cover topics we don’t want to cover because it would help President Trump.

If we get caught not covering them we lose our “integrity.” Political scientist Jeanne Zaino laid it out perfect on Fox News when she said, “What the Democrats will do is, they will clearly impeach him and he will be acquitted in the Senate,” she said.

“And I think they do themselves a disservice then because this will engage his base and energize his base to get out.


He will use this, as we’ve seen him use it in the last few days on the campaign trail.”

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Watch CNN Analyst Admits Trump Schooled Democrats.

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