US Election: Clock Ticking ‘Trump or Biden’


(BREAKING WIDE) – US Election: Clock Ticking ‘Trump or Biden’.

Game on, the race to the White House has begun. Alot of tension from both side with just few hours to the Presidential election.

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden revealed how the Biden-Harris administration will look like. Joe Biden said a Biden-Harris administration would Implement nationwide mask mandates, ensure access to regular, reliable, and free testing, accelerate the development and distribution of safe and effective treatments and vaccine.

Biden also said getting the pandemic under control is the utmost priority. President Trump has kicked against Biden’s plan to lock the country down.


Joe Biden is promising to delay the vaccine and turn America into a prison state—locking you in your home while letting far-left rioters roam free. The Biden Lockdown will mean no school, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, no Fourth of July, and no future for America’s youth. A vote for Biden is a vote for Lockdowns, Layoffs and Misery, Trump tweeted.

Joe Biden fires back, claiming Trump ignored the pandemic plans set in motion by former President Barack Obama.

The clock is ticking, will Trump get additional four years or will Biden be called President Joe Biden at the end of the day?

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