‘Unbelieveable’ Pelosi Used Same Looted Lectern to Sign the Articles of Impeachment


(BREAKINGWIDE) – Quite ‘unbelieveable’ that Nancy Pelosi used same looted Lectern to sign the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

During the attack on the Capitol, the lectern was looted by who was later found to be a BLM activist, not a Trump supporter and it so happened that the same lectern was returned to be used to sign the articles of impeachment against President Trump by Pelosi.

‘Unbelieveable’ Pelosi Used Same Looted Lectern to Sign the Articles of Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi made sure the same lectern that was looted from the Capitol was the one she used to sign and certify the Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump.

If this is not a well calculated plot to impeach Trump again then i don’t know what it is. It also appeared that Speaker Pelosi wore same dress for both the first and the second impeachment of President Trump.


President Trump becomes the first  president in American history to be impeached twice and it turns out half of all impeachments in American history happened under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi.

Rep. Louie Gohmert called out Nancy Pelosi for abuse of power. He says Pelosi weaponized the House to be used as a tool against a sitting president.

Pelosi To Fine Representatives Who Bypassed Metal Detector

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Representatives who bypass metal detector near House Chamber will pay $5,000 fine and $10,000 for second offense.

Nancy Pelosi’s Sick Claims to Impeach Trump


According to Axios,Nancy Pelosi announced today that the House is moving forward with a new rule to impose fines on members for refusing to pass through metal detectors before entering the chamber.

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